March 30, 2011

Eat, Play and Love Maine

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Eat, Play and Love Maine 
Photos by A Healthy Jalapeno

We had never been to Maine, however, it was always discussed as that’s where Paul and I would retire. The large lakes, miles from neighbors and all the snow a winter-lover could imagine was more than enough to dream about as a peaceful retirement far away from the city life. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the snow… but when they tell you Maine gets heavy snow storms they aren’t kidding.
My best friend Alyssa and her husband Todd invited us and a few other couples up to their Maine house for the weekend back in February. It’s a 5 ½ hour drive to Jefferson, Maine but all worth the trip. We ended up driving up in a winter storm that dropped about 13 inches of snow, not to mention the freezing rain and hail, but made it there in good time with of course a stop at a local pizza place not too far away for a quick slice and tasting of their amazing garlic knots. They have an adorable cottage house on Lake Daramuskatta, top to bottom made of all wood with 6 bedrooms so there was more than enough room for everyone to bunk comfortably and put you right in the cottage cozy mood.
When we arrived around 4pm the boys were out back ice fishing on the lake and the girls inside by the fireplace… I mean really, how perfect are we talking here. It was just the right time to crack open a beer and immediately relax.
 (Paul and I on the lake)

(Me...freezing, lol)

(Alyssa and I)

(us being cheesy again)
As the weekend continued on there was so much NOT to do… and it was amazing. We hung out by the fire, we went outside in the jacuzzi as the snow fell on us, made snow angel, drank beers, went ice fishing, made “Nessy” the Lockness Monster out of snow on the lake, went shopping miles away “in town” and of course ate lots and lots of good tasty food.

On the girls trip into town they had some of the cutest shops imaginable. I took some pictures of the quaint market store and was so comforted with all the homemade treats, spiced olive oils, wines and the overall woodwork that went into all things kitchen.  It reminded me of what you dream up when trying to design and create your own future market shop in some back country rustic town.
 (some of the freshly-made tartlets and bread pizzas, yum)

 (All hand crafted kitchen tools, rolling pins, juice squeezers... it was like a crafted cooks haven) 

 (Cook books, mustards, sauces and jams that had blends like you would imagine, I wanted to sneak crackers and dip into each one and try them)

(And boy do they know how to pick and pair wine)

 (Handmade caramels and chocolate almond biscotti)

(Jellies, jams, sauces, oils... they had everything and it was all brought in from local farmers or handmade businesses)
One of our last stops in town was at a "local" bar, and by local, again, I mean its about 25 min from the house. Apparently their trademark is a special waiting list to be put on from the bar to eventually be able to receive your own bar mug. People wait year upon years to be picked and get their own mug and the unique part about it all is that once you have a mug it gets hung from the ceiling of the bar with your number on it and anytime that you come to the bar you receive half price on all your drinks. Pretty smart deal and one that apparently people caught on to because the ceiling was practically covered wall to wall. Very cute idea.

Once I was done googling over the ceiling, the menu finally hit me because as most woman know... shopping, even window shopping, can leave you tired and hungry. Again being the cute little bar that it was, there was a simple yet AWESOME appetizer on the menu that us girls decided to split. It was a soft salted pretzel that came served with warm brie and blue cheese dip...ummm wow. Every time I even look back at the picture my mouth starts to water. This is something that I will be definitely trying for my next get together or even an at home movie night. 
(Soft salted pretzel that came served with warm brie and blue cheese dip. I am lucky I even had enough time to snap this picture it was so good)
All in all it was a great trip, just the little getaway that we needed for the weekend and with the food, the fun and of course... the friends, it was a great time.


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