March 31, 2011

The Mess, from Maine

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Paul and I were able to get away from the CT winter weather and escape to an even heavier winter up in Jefferson, Maine in late February. I live for weekends away where all you have to worry about is relaxing, what movies to watch by the fire and of course... what are we going to eat. We drove up here in a blizzard of bad weather but once we arrived it was all worth it. Looking out the large bay windows in the back of the house was Lake Damariscotta's wide open iced lake. The weekend was a combination of ice fishing, late night hot tubbing, beers and good eats.

When you're a healthy eater or watch what you eat, weekends away like this are the little excuses we give ourselves to really indulge in good food with good friends. My girlfriends husband Todd was talking about "his breakfast" all day and not only was I gaining more curiosity but I absolutely wanted to see how he was going to be pulling this all together. This is when I found out about 'The Mess'.

'The Mess'
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeno
Original recipe from my friend Todd

(All varied depending on how many people you are serving)
Shredded potato hash
4 large eggs
Shredded pulled pork
Mushrooms, diced
Onions, diced
Shredded cheese

In large pan skillet, cook up the shredded hash potatoes. 

Add in diced onions, pulled pork, eggs and diced mushrooms. Mix the ingredients together.

Top the blended 'mess' with the cheese. We used a sharp cheddar which I think really adds a nice mild taste.  

Toss well and you are ready to serve. 

This can be eaten as a side dish to a full menu'ed brunch or could be breakfast all in one dish. This was devoured and gone before you knew it. Hungry and hungover appetites were very full and happy.

'The Mess' with bar-b-q sauce for Jared

'The Mess' with hot sauce for Paul
Everyone enjoy!

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