June 09, 2011

Crossfit for Life

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Being healthy isn't just the current diet trend or how much weight you can bench at the gym... it's a way of life that you adopt and conform to fit you life to be a leaner, better you every day.

Paul and I have both been changed by an elite workout program called Crossfit. It's not your typical gym, or a lengthy boring workout video, and it's not an angry juiced up trainer yelling at you... it's simply a workout program created for us average joe's that want the training, toning and strengthening that you wont find with 45 min on the treadmill. Crossfit is the very first 'program' we have found that mixes cardio with strength training with randomized varied movements that keep your muscles and your body on it's toes.

Well over a year ago Paul and I were indulging in a program called Sealfit. Sealfit is a program built basically for Navy Seals to train and stay in top physical shape on "off" training times. Unfortunately, we had to modify the workouts almost every day because they would consist of over 3+ hours of workout time including what you would imagine your hardest possible workout and then, of course, adding a 3 mile long distance ruck march with at least 45 lbs in a rucksack on your back (just as the Army and Navy do). Painfulllllllllllll!

So as we indulged deeper into this crazy world of fitness we came across Crossfit, a modified version of sealfit that was actually feasible for the average joe to complete while not actually having 3+ hours a day dedicated to working out. Since then our friend Jay has opened up a Crossfit gym in Ridgefield which Paul especially has completely taken advantage of. The opportunity of every man for himself to reach whatever potential each individual has is so rewarding and self fulfilling.

Paul and I have had so much fun falling into the world of Crossfit. It's a lifestyle of whatever you can do but pushing your limits with workouts planned to make you stronger, leaner and quicker. It's a beautiful program that we both completely advocate for and encourage all local readers to the Ridgefield area, as well as all non locals to check out your local crossfit/website to see if this lifestyle is something that you think would change your life.
Paul is currently 16 days away from finishing his 100 burpee challenge. The premise is simple: do one burpee on Day 1, two on Day 2, and so on, until you ultimately complete 100 burpees on Day 100. Being that Paul is in the Army this challenge hits home for him and definitely makes him push harder than the average days workout.
100 Day Burpee Challenge

Crossfit has become an everyday part of our lives and it's made us not only feel better about our physical health but it's also improved our relationship working out together and pushing each other for that extra box jump.

Please check out our friends gym and let me know what you think.

Paul doing rope-climbs at Crossfit Ridgefield

CrossFit Ridgefield is dedicated to providing the highest quality strength and conditioning training in the surrounding area. We are committed to establishing a community of highly intelligent personal trainers and life long client base. Owner Jay Montanari and his son Ricky are both Level 1 Certified CrossFit trainers capable of taking your performance to the next level. They are proud to continue and promote the knowledge that they have learned and hope to grow those principles through their new location in Ridgefield, CT.

Indulge and enjoy!


Mama Bug said...

I didn't know you Crossfit! It is a huge part of our lives, how do you like it??

Laura Jeanne said...

we love it. Paul is an addict and never misses a day, thinking about getting certified, where as I love it but wish I had more time to do it everyday but love it when I do it. Im working to get in better shape but also just enjoy the randomness and challenge of crossfit.
You're an instructor now right?