June 29, 2011

Grape Agua Fresca with Fresh Mint

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The past couple of weeks has been a random break-up of hot muggy weather with scatter thunderstoms and rain. This doesn't exactly pose for the perfect summer weather, but then again being stuck in an office all day doesnt give me the freedom to be at the beach either so who am I to complain.

Last night I was woken up around 3am to a huge thunderstorm. I am a huge lover of thunderstorms because growing up my father and I would set up lawn chairs inside the garage with the bay door open and just sit and watch. There is something beautiful about a stormy sky and how the wind talks to you.

all freshly juiced grapes

I digress... so when I woke up this morning I felt very at peace and somewhat rejuviated from all the indulging I did this past weekend so I wanted to start off the morning right.It again was one of those muggy mornings so I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy to eat. Heavy foods don't pair well with hot sticky days so normally you would stik with cold cereal, fresh fruits and lots and lots of liquids. IDEA! I had a bundle of grapes in the fridge that I hadn't eaten and just by looking at they you knew they werent going to last another 3 days and before they went bad I had to eat them.

Never waist good food, especaially fresh grapes. yum.

So I decided to make a fresh agua fresca, fancy for fancy mexican water. There is soemthing wonderful about flavored water and even more so when you make it yourself with all natural ingredients. This water contains the vitamins and minerals from all that fruit in a glass of refreshing water and its tastes wonderful and naturally light and sweet... it's practiacally a superfood drink.

so refreshing
I do not like to add extra sugar or honey to my agua fresca as I think the fruits natural juices add just the perfect amount of sweetness. If you were interested in adding a sweeter touch you could add in a little simple syrup to each drink, adjusting the sweetness to your personal taste.

On a hot day instead of reaching for that terrbly unhealthy soda or sports drink, think about whatever fruits you have in the house and whip yourself up a refreshing and healthy fresca... you will not be diappointed.

Grape Agua Fresca with Fresh Mint
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeno


3 cups red seedless grapes
6-8 cups water
2-4 large fresh mint leaves

Rinse grapes thouroughly and refridgerate for at least an hour.

Add your grapes into the juicer. If you do not have a juicer, put the grapes into a blender and puree, then strain through a sieve into a large pitcher.
juicers are the best!
(for a single serving)
Pour water into glasses 3/4 of the way full and top with your liquid grapes. Twist your mint leaf over the glass to release all the oils in the herb and drop into the glass.

Add ice and stir well. Serve well chilled. 

I made this fresca again when I got home this afternoon in a huge bottle and once the family came home... the bottle was empty. Bad thing it was all gone but good thing it was so delicious that everyone enjoyed it.
all gone....
...but I always snag the last glass :)

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Erin said...

Grapes?! What a great idea! I just made some strawberry agua fresca the other day!