June 21, 2011

Mini Cucumber Sandwiches on Rye

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Continuing on with girl’s day/night, I threw together these little sandwiches to continue our celebration.

Drinking champagne, getting our nails done and treating ourselves to a little berry fruit salad and cucumber sandwiches while chatting it up about how excited we were for our girlfriends big day being here already was just the start to our day. It seemed like months that she was planning and the excitedment was building up but her day was finally here and everything was coming together beautifully.

I make these little bites for occasions such as this, where us girls get together and food isn’t really expected but being the hungry girl that I am, I always come prepared with a little snack that everyone can enjoy and hold you over till either lunchtime or in our case this weekend, the rehearsal dinner we had that night.

The coolness of the cucumber atop the soft spread and hearty bread makes these little sandwiches very addictive without over filling.

We even shared (like good girls do) with the salon manager and a few customers that were waiting their turn in the chair and for all who snagged a bite I recieved nothing but raving compliments on how tastey they were.

How better to spend an afternoon with your best girlfriends than getting manicure/pedicures with cucumber sandwiches and sipping champagne. 


Mini Cucumber Sandwiches on Rye
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeno

1 package cream cheese
1 package ranch salad dressing mix
1 cucumber, peeled and sliced into disks
1 package rye cocktail bread, the sm party sandwich size
dill, for garnish

Combine cream cheese and salad dressing mix in a medium bowl. Spread small amount of the cheese mixture onto each slice of bread. 

Place one cucumber slice on top of each cream cheese bread slice and dash/sprinkle dill on top of each sandwich for garnish.

Wedding Days
…And for those of you that are keeping up, my best friend’s wedding was absolutely amazing.

We had beautiful skies, bocce and cigars and of course the most breath-taking bride.
The stunning bride

Love her

The most beautiful view on the water to walk down the isle 
A perfect night... and very hot band!
and of course Paul and I had a great time!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. C… I love you both! Xoxo



Jessica Carraro said...

Where should I look for the small rye bread? Bread aisle?

Laura Jeanne said...

Yes it's normally in the bread isle or the area where you can get marinated olives and prepackaged pesto... stuff like that.

Krista said...

I love these sammies. One of my favorite appetizers to make! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper :)

Everyday Mom's Meals

Reema said...

you have beautiful blogs Debbie... lovely!!
Thanks for joining me!