July 20, 2011

Crushed Tomato Couscous with Grilled Zucchini

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1/4 cup olive oil
Our good friend Josh is up for the night because his wife is away and it's a closer commute in the morning to his job-site so after he settled in and cracked a beer, the boys snuck out of the house for a couple hours to go fishing I cooked up a hearty din din.

Paul and I have begun to mold our hobbies over the past couple of years. He has grown a huge love for fishing just as I have for cooking and they are both hobbies that we both can enjoy together with one another... if you could imagine that.

Well, let's say that as long as the bugs aren't biting at my ankles I can enjoying floating in a boat with my guy at dusk while the fish bite. He on the other hand is just my supportive hand in the kitchen and has become very good at jumping up to help with the dishes... I know, he's a good guy.

Couscous, it's pasta, and I love pasta, but I am not sure I ever even ate it before except maybe in tabouli. Never having eaten couscous means I obviously have never even made couscous before but I had an idea for a delicious couscous salad and decided I was going to conjure up my own version of this dish... not really an adventure to say the least but I have to say I was pretty excited!

Aaaaaand as I expected this came out beautifully. The zucchini added just enough meatiness to this dish to actually hold it's own as a main course but we had this along side grilled Rosemary White Wine Chicken and the pairing was great.

It was a great dinner... light, healthy and flavorful!

Crushed Tomato Couscous with Grilled Zucchini
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeno

1 3/4 cup water
1 box (4.7 oz) pearled couscous
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped

1/4 teaspoon freash thyme 
fresh lemon juice, to taste
1 3/4 cups San Marzano crushed tomatoes
1 lg zucchini, sliced long and choppy
Salt and pepper to taste

In a small heavy saucepan bring the water, olive oil and couscous to a boil. 

Reduce heat to a medium boil and stir in the garlic, thyme, parsley, and lemon juice and cook for about 8 minutes or until pasta is tender. 

Stir in the San Marzano crushed tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste and let stand for 4-5 minutes before serving. 

Meanwhile, slice zucchini lengthwise in chunks, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and grill for 4-7 minutes.

Add zucchini to the couscous, fluff lightly with a fork, and serve.



Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

This looks crazy delicious!! Love the flavors! :)

Laura Jeanne said...

thanks so much!!! :)