September 13, 2011

Fall Brings On the First Sunday Funday Football Game On 9/11

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J.E.T.S. Jets! Jets! Jets!

It's football season and I really am so excited. Football as I mentioned just a day ago means crisp weather, warm spiced food, HOT TODDIES, apple picking and Sunday Funday Football. There is nothing Paul and I like more than relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a couple friends, a few beers and a good football game to scream and argue over.

I mean what's not to love. {wink}

Paul and I pretty much consumed our summer with weddings, 11 to be exact, and although we love our friends dearly and had a blast and each and every one... it was time for us to to have a little fun ourselves. We went to the Jets vs. Cowboys game, the first game of the season, on 9/11... the 10 year anniversary of the attack on America. 
We were so pumped up. Although this was close to our very first tailgate together, we brought what we thought we're the essentials... food and beer. Then we quickly realized how lame we were when the massive trucks, flatbeds and campers game with full-size grills, Jets memorabilia, footballs to toss around, spatulas (lol) and tents. 

Fancy or not, we came for a good time and you better believe we did. What a stressful game for a Jets fan and then 4th quarter we blasted out 17 points for the win!!!!!!!

Great day, perfect start to the season and the most amazing memories!!! <3
Bagpipes sounded as you entered the stadium and
were handed your American Flag
Check out that stadium!!!
 He is such a happy guy in his JETS throwback jersey!

 We were so pumped up!!!!!
 Boys will be boys: peeking at the crowds just busting to get in.
{We got in early, yay}

 Former President Bush at the coin toss, how cool
 We're corny and in love... but I like corny! 
This brought tears to my eyes almost instantly, the men women and families from 9/11...beautiful!

 Halftime at the game... breathtaking lights forming a twin tower memorial. The whole stadium chanting USA USA USA brought be chills, it was amazing to see.

Wonderful night :)


Peggy said...

This sounds like an absolutely amazing time! You guys look way too cute =)

Ann said...

Thank you for sharing look terrific and that was an amazing game! (too bad my Steelers lost)