September 21, 2011

Frozen Grapes {for Snack Time}

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 {Snack time OR Dessert}

Who doesn't love snack time. I mean, we all got it when we were kids and somehow it got lost as we grew up or instead our unhealthy selves would reach for the bag of chips in the vending machine or a quick candy bar instead of having a nice healthy snack.
 I keep in touch with one of my girlfriends from high school, mainly because we are both addicted to blogging, her about her newly blissful life as a mommy to her {now} two adorable kids and me learning healthy and fun ways to cook in the kitchen. 

We got to talking in the beginning of the summer about cross-referencing our blogs because her and her family are also 'Crossfitters' as well as healthy eaters. Our mutual love for Crossfit, health, and of course blogging... how could this not be the best idea ever! 

Mama's blog is Our Tiny Place {I know, how cute} and you have to swing by and check her out. She is such a perfectly well-rounded momma with the most adorable little munchkins you have ever seen. This snack is dedicated to Mama Bug, Lady Bug and Love Bug for a healthy delicious snack.
Frozen grapes are such an easy and healthy treat that hit's even the biggest ice cream lovers sweet tooth. These grapes don't completely freeze through, instead create a very similar texture to italian ice in the middle after you break through that sweet skin. Plus, this is a great last resort for those grapes that are close to going bad... throw them in the freezer to savor the favorite fruit longer. 

For all grape lovers, kids and grown-ups alike, these juicy 'popsicle' bites will make everyone smile. 

They are a low-everything kinda snack so indulge and share the love.

Frozen Grapes {for Snack Time}
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeño

Red grapes
Green grapes

Wash grapes thoroughly and then let them drain to let go of any left over water, then pat dry. Put grapes in a ziplock back and in the freezer for at least a half hour, checking every so often until they reach the frozen texture you wish.

Then, it's snack time.

Don't forget to check out Our Tiny Place and see what Mama and Lovebug had to say about these frozen little treats.  :)



Mary said...

Frozen grapes have been a staple in my house for years, because I use them in smoothies. It's only recently that I've been snacking on them that way. My kids love them!

Ann said...

It's funny - I've heard about frozen grapes so many places for such a long time, but I've never tried it...I think I just might now! Thanks!

Laura Jeanne said...

Thanks! They are so simple and so tasty!

Mama Bug said...

Success!! LoveBug loved it!! And I had them on hand... easiest recipe ever! Thank you!!

Krista said...

These have always been one of my favorite snacks and I never thought to blog them! Thanks for the inspiration and if I do, I'll let everyone know you reminded me how good they are! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper and reminding me of the simple things. See you next week!