September 11, 2011

J.E.T.S. Jets! Jets! Jets!

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Fall is such a beautiful time of year and once that weather starts to change, it means so many fabulous things like apple picking, harvest, Octoberfest and the J.E.T.S. Jets! Jets! Jets!

I honestly couldn't be more excited. 

Well today Paul and I are at the opening Jets game against the Cowboys so we are currently tailgating and getting ready for some serious football fun so I thought I would throw in here some of my favorite football snacks and treats for a great tailgate or just good friends at home around the big screed. I hope everyone has an excellent Sunday afternoon rooting for their teams, it's going to be a great season!



Samantha @ Ferraro Kitchen said...

So I have to be honest...I know NOTHING about football..however being originally from NY, I think I'm a Jets fan by birth! ha! I use just use the excuse to cook and drink more beer! Lovin the dip and nutella cookies! Holy smoly!

Lizzy said...

My family was rooting for the Jets!!! What a fabulous bunch of tailgating recipes! I'm going to my college homecoming for the first time in 20+ years...and you've inspired me to make a few yummy dishes to take along~

Peggy said...

I'm sure that was a great game to be at! And I love all of those tailgating treats - perfect for every Sunday =)

Go Eagles! =)

Barefeet In The Kitchen said...

Oh man, I started to comment that the spinach dip looked wonderful, but then I saw those skewers! Wow, pineapple has never looked so amazing. I love that combination.

Ann said...

Oh, this is delicious! I bet everyone LOVED your tailgating feast!

I'm a Steelers fan and sad to say, they didn't fare too well this week!

Ann said...

BTW - I'm sorry I didn't do this before, I'm following you on Google Follow!

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you all. It was such an incredible game to be at. Pres. Bush flipped the coin, air jets, the largest American Flag, honorable mentions, lite twin tower, and of course a Jets win... it was breathtaking to be a part of.
We had such a great time!! :)

pressurized said...

looks so yummy .. theirs a lot of food ..thanks for the post