September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11: {Never Forget}

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"A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in from of him, 
but because he loves what is behind him"

Ten years ago today disaster struck our country... never to be the same, never to be forgotten.

I will never forget, it was my freshman year of college. We were barely settled into our dorm rooms at the time but classes had already started and my college education had begun. Then Tuesday morning came.
My handsome soldier <3 
I was one of the few girls in my dorm, an all girl dormitory, that had a tv that was actually set up so when rumors and noise started coming about, on the tv went to see the horrific tragedy and attacks our country was facing. Knots in my stomach and pain in my heart, there was no way to explain how all the chaotic emotions that were running through me as I am sure I was in the same boat as most of our nation.
Deployed in 2008
Today, ten years later we can never forget. We can never forget the friends and families that lost their lives that day, the firemen who went in and never came out, the NYPD who risked their lives and for all of our men and women who have been fighting for our freedom each and everyday to protect and serve this great country. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who suffered that day and for those still suffering today.

As you have probably heard me mention before, Paul is in the Army. He enlisted right out of school, prior to the 9/II attacks and was deployed overseas to Iraq with his unit shortly after. Ten years and two tours in Iraq later he is still serving his country proudly. I could not be prouder of the man he has become. 

He is a man of honor, a real American hero.

I love you Paul!
The Memorial Day Parade after coming home from his first tour in Iraq
Today Paul and I, along with a few other Army friends, are at the Jets opener against the Cowboys, their small rivalry between war buddies. Celebrating with close friends and fans alike the freedoms that we as Americans have because of military men and women, like them, who have served and protected our beautiful country. 

If you have the honor today, or any day, thank a veteran for their service to our country because as we all know, our freedom isn't free.
God Bless America!


monster cakes said...

Tell your husband thank you for his service. I have family and friends in the military, too, and they make me so proud. I love our troops and pray for them constantly!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank your husband too! As a Marine Mom I understand the sacrifices our Military members make. Please God keep them safe and bring bring them all home to their families!