October 27, 2011

Holiday Giveaways!!!

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Giveaways???? Who doesn't love GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!

I love when I see giveaways, everyone loves new gadgets and trinkets and toys especially when you get that pure satisfaction from WINNING! It's a chance to share in some really good healthy competition while making new friends and exploring new outlets.

A girlfriend of mine from high school has a fabulous blog called Our Tiny Place. She is a mother of two beautiful little "bugs", blogs day in and day out with the cutest pictures, stories and adventures in her life as a new mother and wife. Little did we know that the two of us would cross paths again through our love of blogging but sure enough we are both HOOKED and can't get enough.

Well, while chatting back and forth about a thousand other things and keeping up with each others lives via blogger I realized that she is holding her very first Giveaway!!!! Could I be more excited!

Although she blogs mostly about family life and the in's and out's of motherhood, she is also very tuned in on health and fitness. We both do Crossfit, eat healthy (her wayyyyyyy more than I) and try to follow a clean healthy lifestyle so of course she is very supportive when it comes to food.

Well wouldn't you know that her VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY would be a food related item that is beautiful and so perfect for the up and coming season.
Don't you just love them... and they are completely customizable to whoever wins whether you want this design or something else that fits better to your holidays.

And, hello....it's her very first Giveaway!!! The girl knows how to kick off a party right!! Go right on over to her page for the rules and enter to win these fabulous holiday gifts {or treat yourself}. You can't turn this giveaway down because these items are practically priceless.

Go check it out!!!

Don't forget to stop by her page and tell her I sent you :)

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