November 18, 2011

Air Assault, Air Assault, Air Assault Sugar Cookies

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 Air Assault, Air Assault, Air Assault!!!!

This is all my man was yelling every time his left foot hit the ground during ruck sack marches or formation. Paul has been at Air Assault school for the last two weeks and just got home late last night. During that time, from what I have heard, he's endured some of the toughest training that the military has to offer... being 'dubbed' the 10 hardest days in the Army.

Paul was learning to repel from 90 ft up off of buildings and out of helicopters. The class is not only physically exhausting but mentally as well as each soldier needs to not only know exactly what they are doing, but they need to perform as well otherwise results could be fatal. 

The 1st day, day zero, one of the most physically and mentally tough stages of the course, 63 soldiers had already failed out of the class and were sent home. WHAT?!?!?! I know, I was shocked... all this time to fly to Georgia and on the 1st training day your already out. That is seriously intense. 

The days went on like this but without such mass numbers until around day 7 when they had their huge test, to which I believe it was expected to lose another 50 cadets. This was all so smoking to me because he was now at a school just like the ones we watch on the History Channel about military trainings and the toughness and detailed smartness these soldiers have to go though.

Official Air Assault Badge {of which I tried to replicate}

Needless to say I was proud enough that Paul was up to the challenge, trained and trained before he left and I knew he was going to put all he had into this school.

We didn't get to talk much, most days not at all, but I would get 1 or 2 texts at random parts of the morning or day with a quick hello or love you {mostly at around 3:30am - wake-up time}. Yikes! But not hearing from him meant he was still in the class so my fingers were crossed and I prayed he would just do his best and make it through.
Well, I am here to tell you that he passed!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH, I was so excited. This was so huge for him and I was so unbelievably proud. I picked him up at the airport last night at about 9:30pm and as soar and beat up as he was, it was so amazing to see him and have him back home with me.

For his little homecoming I made him my sloppy version of Air Assault Sugar Cookies. {Not to bakers, writing in gel is really hard and too messy for me to ever do again}. I covered all grounds though, the actual Air Assault badge that he had received, little Army guys, stick figure repelling from a helicopter {90ft off a UH-60, Blackhawk helicopter to be exact} and of course his Army camp helmet. 

He laughed at my efforts and thought they were the cutest things. I tried. lol. But he ate a bunch and then we were off to bed. 

All I can say is that I couldn't be happier or more proud of him and I am so happy he is back home with me now. 
He is such a wonderful man and truly is 'Army Strong', lol. 

Congrats Baby!!!


Angie's Recipes said...

wow Those cookies look so adorable!

Samantha @ Ferraro Kitchen said...

Wow that is seriously intense!! Congrats to him!! I'm sure he was so exhausted! Good job on the cookies too!! hahah totally cute!

Heavenly Housewife said...

How wonderful! Congrats to paul, what an accomplishment :D
Cookies look so sweet!
*kisses* HH

Ann said...

Congratulations and please thank your husband for his service! Passing that sort of training is HUGE! I can only imagine how proud you are! The cookies are adorable!

Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. said...

Aw, these are so great! What a perfect way to celebrate this major accomplishment!

Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño said...

Thanks everyone so much for your support. It was such a huge accomplishment and I am just so proud of him!