November 29, 2011

Have A Sassy Little Holiday

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Ok, so I need to know who is getting into the holiday spirit???
I am!!!!

The time for cutting the tree down and trimming the house with all the holiday decorations is right around the corner and really puts me in the Christmas mood.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday...yup, tis the season to shop, shop shop!!! 

Now I know you are probably thinking I am one of those 2am morning crazies but in actuallity I am very reserved when it comes to my holiday shopping. I pick through sales and shop all year long, whether it's for birthdays or the holidays, it gives me time to pick out some really thoughtful gifts... and it doesn't create a massive dent in my wallet all in one shot. {yay}

With that being said... I do a little indulging. I mean, how else are you going to kick off the holidays season? 

Some time ago I found this amazing website, Flirty Aprons and they have just that. Some of the cutest and sassiest little kitchen apparel that you have ever seen. I bought the Luscious Lemons Flirty Apron and I LOVE it. 

So when I popped on yesterday for their Cyber Monday {which I am told is extending until Tuesday} I saw this amazing apron and I had to have it.
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? 
I am in love, and had to have it.

Now the question is... who is the lucky gal that I am going to give it to?

Tis the season!! <3


Mary said...

ACK!!! I need that apron!!! I LOVE it! I didn't even think to check their site for Cyber Monday. UGH. They still have it, but not on sale. I am putting it on my wish list this year. Super cute!

Lanita said...

I love aprons! I wear them all the time!! How cute! said...

OMG! I love that apron! :) I am off to check out their website!

Joanne said...

SO CUTE. Wearing this apron would get me in the holiday season for sure!

Do those hips come with it? Cause I want those too.