November 28, 2011

Kale and Jalapeño Breakfast Mini 'Muffins' {Secret Recipe Club}

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to November's Secret Recipe Club reveal. Hooray!

This is my second Secret Recipe Club reveal and I am so excited to be apart of this club for another month in a row... plus I have an excellent fellow blogger and recipe to share with you. 
This month I was giving the blog Cookin' With Cyndi  to search around and share a recipe that Cyndi has made. Cyndi is a California mom that loves to cook and her blog is just packed full with excellent dishes and recipes. There were quite a lot to choose from and I was watering at the mouth with recipes like her Winter Vegetable HashUberbackener Spinat mit Kase (Baked Spinach with Cheese) and a sweet taste with Cocoa Krispies Treats

It took me a little time to pick my recipe to repeat but when I saw these breakfast muffins I knew this is what I had to make... especially with the holiday weekend approaching.

These amazing little muffin poppers were perfect for having guests over or just to have on a Sunday breakfast. They are easy to make and even more fun to pop. The jalapeño's gave each 'muffin' a little heat which was a lovely combination to the kale and sharp cheeses. 

Paul and I went crazy for these and defiantly ate more than our fair share of the batch {what can I say, we couldn't help it}.

Delicious, portion sized and absolutely fun to pop, these 'muffins' are the perfect addition to your morning plate. Paired with a little sour cream and a glass of oj and you are set with a fantastic meal. 

Thanks so much for another fun Secret Recipe Club month and I can not wait to see what everyone else from Group D has come up with for Novembers delicious reveal.
Kale and Jalapeño Breakfast Mini 'Muffins'
Photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 
Recipe adopted by Cookin' With Cyndi {and Kalyn's Kitchen}

1 bunch Kale, chopped
1/2 red onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced (1/2 tsp. teaspoon minced garlic)
1 jalapeño, minced 
1/2 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp soy sauce
1 cup grated cheese (I used a blend of asiago, romano, and parmesan)
1/4 cup 100% whole wheat bread crumbs
6 eggs, beaten well
1/2 tsp spike seasoning

Preheat oven to 350F. Cut off kale stems and discard, then wash kale leaves and dry well. Pile kale leaves up on top of each other and cut into strips about 3/4 inch wide, then turn cutting board the other way and cut again so you have squares just under an inch square. Chop onion into pieces about 1/2 inch.
Heat olive oil in large heavy frying pan, then add onions and saute 3 minutes. Add garlic and jalapeño and sauté about 2 more minutes, then add kale, turning over as it wilts and sauteeing about 5 minutes, or until kale is significantly wilted and softened.
Put sauteed vegetables into large bowl and add soy sauce, cheese, bread crumbs, beaten eggs, and spike seasoning. Stir gently until ingredients are well distributed. Spray 12 muffin cups with nonstick cooking spray (I use silicone ones) and fill with egg mixture. Bake 20-25 minutes until eggs are well set and the top is lightly browned. 

Serve hot. This is good with low-fat sour cream or salsa.



Jenni said...

Oh, these look awesome!! I love muffins, and these look so fun! I've never had kale before, but I am seriously tempted to try it now!

Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie said...

This was my second month in SRC too! Great breakfast muffins, I don't think I've ever had kale!

Dorothy at ShockinglyDelicious said...

I must make these! This is my 2nd month in SRC, too. Everyone who hasn't had kale, please try it. It is very, very good for you. How inventive to work it into a muffin for breakfast!

Tami said...

These look really yummy! What a treat for breakfast.

Cyndi said...

So glad you liked these! Kalyn makes various versions, and this is one of the best. Now I'm going to go play and read more of your blog!

withoutadornment said...

Yummy! The combination of all these ingredients just sounds delicious without even looking at them!

Rituparna said...

Those mini muffins look delicious. Kale & jalepeno, what am amazing combination.

Joanne said...

These muffins are such a healthy delicious rockstar way to start the day! Yum!

Kalyn said...

How fun to see how Cyndi turned this recipe into muffins. Your photos are great!

Jamie (Thrifty Veggie Mama) said...

These look great. I am definitely bookmarking these!

nicole @ I am a honey bee said...

ooo these would be great to make in a big batch and bring to work so i can have something there since I have the tendency to run out of time for breakfast.

Savannah McQueen said...

I am looking forward to making these. What nice change from the regular muffin.

Unknown said...

I made these for brunch this morning. They were tasty! Fair warning though, I thought I would bypass them sticking to my mini muffin pan by using cupcake liners - instead they just stuck completely to the paper! Still very yummy, but next time I think I will bake them in a greased pan and just cut them like brownies :)