December 31, 2011

DIY Vanilla Bean Liquor {for New Year's Eve Vanilla Bean Champagne Cocktails}

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It's New Year's Eve!!!

I can't believe it. This year feels like it's come and gone so fast and yet here we are. 

Christmas vacation has been amazing. A whole week {plus} off of work, which was more needed than I had expected and instead I got to spend all my time with my guy, visiting friends for holiday parties and vacation happy hours {that start at like 1pm} and being with my family. It's been so wonderful. The other blissful part of vacation was that I was able to cook, bake and blend everything my little heart desired.
I can sometimes get overwhelmed with all the magazines and recipe that I get in the mail because I so badly want to make so many things so this vacation was my opportunity to take the reins and really dig into to delicious treats to share during the holidays. I made gingerbread men, oreo truffles, sugar cookies shaped like stars and snowmen, bourbon whiskey balls, spiced holiday punch and cranberry-port crumble. Everything was outstanding.
Something I had planned about a month back was to make my own liquor. I knew that around the holidays, and especially for New Years, that I wanted to have this vanilla liquor that I saw in a magazine my mother found from 2007 and it would be fabulous with champagne as well as just an all around delicious liquor for the holidays. So I got work, and 1 minute later I was done. It was the simplest thing I have ever done, the hardest part was waiting...One Whole Month!
Well lucky for you I had my planning set just right and shook this up right after Thanksgiving so it would be just right by the time Christmas and New Years came around. I absolutely intend to pour myself a glass of champagne in about 1 hour and kick off this New Years right.

The comfort of my own home with simple snacks, the Christmas tree still lit and the company of my favorite guy... it's shaping up to be a perfect New Years!

Bring it on 2012!!!
{DIY} Vanilla Bean Liqueur
Photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 

Recipe by Better Home and Garden


2 cups vodka
1 cup sugar
3 vanilla beans, split in half crosswise and lengthwise
Vanilla beans (optional garnish for gifts)

In a 1-quart screw-top jar, combine vodka, sugar, and the split vanilla beans. Cover tightly and shake until sugar dissolves.
Store mixture in a cool, dark place for 1 month. Remove vanilla beans.

Transfer to decorative bottles. If desired, add fresh vanilla beans for garnish. Seal; store at room temperature. 
Stands for 1 month

Vanilla Bean Champagne Cocktail
Recipe by A Healthy Jalapeño 

  • 2 oz Vanilla Bean Liqueur
    Dry sparkling champagne
  • Add the vanilla bean liquor to a champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine and serve. Enjoy!


Autumn@Good Eats Girl said...

Completely awesome! I need to try this! I've always wanted to infuse my own liquor!

Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño said...

aww thanks so much! It is awesome. My bf and I are watching the Dick Clark's Rocking NYE and it's perfect with my champagne. I am actually thinking of testing it out with a little vodka and lime juice {or tonic}.
I hope you are having an amazing New Years!!!

Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts said...

Looks like a great New Years treat! I have never made my own liquor before, but it sound fun!

Ann said...

Delicious! I love making my own liquors! They taste amazing and are deliciously economical. Happy New Year

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! This looks great!

Magic of Spice said...

Making your own liquors is such fun...this one sounds delightful!
Happy 2012!

monster cakes said...

I have always wanted to make my own valilla syrup for coffee. Any chance you might do a recipe for that?! ; ) Just putting requests in! haha

Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

Looks so good! I want to do this! New follower :)

Sandy @Southwestgirl said...

B-E-A-U-tiful pictures! I have never made vanilla bean liquor before. You make it look easy enough to try.
Happy New Year and thanks for the FB friend request.

PS I'm glad to meet another foodie friend that loves her dogs as much as I do. I don't think mine knows she is a dog at all. :)

Sarah @ See Sarah Bake said...

I Can Not Wait to try this. My weakness is Vanilla Absolut and I can make my own vanilla vodka? Consider me a happy girl!