December 19, 2011

Holiday Family Party

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It was a very long week last week and as you can probably tell, there wasn't much going on here on A Healthy Jalapeño because my hands were tied up in a mess.

Recently I have become the new FRG Leader (Family Readiness Group) for Paul's Army unit and was planning their holiday party for Soldiers, family and children totaling about 250 people. Well last Monday, 5 days before the event, the venue emailed me canceling.

I was in awe and needles to say speechless as to where to even begin trying to put this back together. We had no budget, no venue, no catering and 5 days. Stressed was a mild state last week for me.

Well, miracles do happen. With thanks to a good friend and my family... our military Soldiers had their holiday party.
I have to say that Subway came in as a savior, along with Big Y, Starbucks and a few local restaurants with donating materials. We had volunteers come out of the wood works from our friends church, 

There was a beautiful article in the News Times that shared the fun and emotions of the day, including some wonderful pictures of the soldiers and their families. It was so nice to read and surprisingly enough, it made it to the front page of the paper.
Merry Christmas!!

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