January 03, 2012

Those Cozy Winter Nights....

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I am a crazy dog lover.

Yes, I talk about my little pups a lot.

We snuggle, cuddle and bundle up with them every night.

And yes, I am that person that post pictures of their dogs ALL the time.

Honestly though, I just had to share what cuteness is living in my house. Last night Paul and I were laying on the couch after dinner watching a little of the boob tube {we loooove our Big Bang Theory marathons} and I looked over to see this... my two little faces all smushed up together trying to keep warm. 
Are they not just the sweetest little pups??

{hahah! ok, maybe they aren't so little anymore but they are still my babies}
Zoey's cuddling right on up next to daddy...
and Callie's just watching a little tv.
I just had to share.
I love these two little monsters!

Callie & Zoey


sweetpeaskitchen.com said...

What sweet little babies!! I love dogs! I have two little pups that are snuggled up on me as I type. :)

Erin Stomber said...

They are too cute! And I love and watch the Big Bang Theory. It's hillarious :) Cuddle buddies always make it even better!

Ann said...

They are adorable! As you know, I'm a big doggie person....they can really make everything better, can't they?

Nava.K said...

They are all adorable ones and so cute. Btw, I have accidentally erased your request to be friends on foodbuzz and sorry for that. I will now sent a request for you to add me.
Thank you so much.

Mr Bunny Chow said...

Your Dogs are gorgeous, your brown dog could almost be the sibling of my staffie.

Rescie said...

Our two loves are very much the same. I'll be alone with my two "girls" laughing my butt off at Penny and her gang. My girls are two elderly Chihuahuas that rescued me 9 years ago, Summer and Autumn.