February 18, 2012

Open Your Nose and Pop A Cork, It's National Drink Wine Day!!!!

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Some say the holidays can be rough but I just find that hard to believe...
especially on a day like today.

National Wine DRINKING Day!

Now notice it didn't say Wine Day, Wine Appreciation Day or even Cook With Wine Day... No, it said drink wine day!!! And I'll be damned if I ever miss this holiday!

I have decided to celebrate by heading to the mall for a few quick exchanges, blend up a fabulous cocktail mixer to shake up for a certain fun holiday coming up this Monday and then head out to my father's and his fiancés house for a fabulous dinner and shake up a little vino tasting. After all, what better way to celebrate.
So I ask all of you across the world, from Australia and China to the UK and France, and come celebrate with me and my Little Black Dress as I toast to you, my fellow foodies and readers....

Happy Drink Wine Day!
NOTE: Save a cork, be creative and decorate!

There are a lot of cool things you can do with leftover corks. We happen to have collected quite a few over the years, a note to some great wines and great places.
Give it a shot and see what you can create!
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Jen @ Peanut Butter and Peppers said...

Glad you told because I had one glass last night! Thank you very much!!