March 11, 2012

Fluffy, Fun Pancakes {A Kid's Tutorial for Sunday Breakfast Fun}

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Making shaped pancakes for (or with) your kids is an easy and fun way to play with your breakfast, I mean isn't that what Sunday's are for? 

My girlfriend over at Our Tiny Place asked me to make really fun and delicious pancakes a few weeks back that her and her son could enjoy. They LOVE pancakes. I came up with these and they were a huge hit. In her same request she mentioned that Lovebug loves his Micky Mouse pancakes and she really wanted tips and tricks for keeping ears on mouses and create shapes without big expensive tools.

I am here for you girl, and I did the best I could with the tools I had. Whether you are making shaped, numbered or mini pancakes, they won't take any more time. Here are kid-friendly, fun and fluffy ways to make shaped pancakes.

Fluffy, Fun Pancakes 

{A Kid's Tutorial for Sunday Breakfast Fun}


pancake batter (make your favorite or use a mix)
cookie cutters shapes
a squeeze bottle (I recycled an old maple syrup bottle)
an assortment of fresh fruit, chocolate chips, bacon, ricotta cheese, yogurt, whipped cream, etc.

Add cooking spray and let's start shaping!

Micky Mouse Pancakes
Three round pancakes dropped on top of each other connected to make this adorable Disney character, which kids love. Who says kids shouldn't play with their food??? If that were true I would have never tried asparagus. 

The best part about character faces is the accessorizing. Decorate your character with whipped cream or ricotta cheese for hair (add fruit syrup for colorful hair, if desired), banana slices for eyes, a strawberry nose, and a smile made out of chocolate chips... or you can keep it simple like me and pop a few blueberries for the eyes and nose and drizzle your favorite syrup for the mouth. 

How fun does Micky look?

Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Cookie cutter pancakes are quick, simply spray the inside of the cookie cutter with nonstick spray and place on the pan. Pour pancake batter inside until it fills the space (don't overfill, a thin layer of batter is all you need). Let sit for a minute or until the edges set. Remove cookie cutter and use a spatula to flip. 
Break out all the christmas cookie cutters and all the fun shapes you have for events throughout the year and decorate and personalize each shape.

Squeeze Bottle Pancakes

A squeeze bottle gives you the ability to make any shaped pancake you please. You can make letters that spell your kid's name or fun words, create numbers to help them with their counting, different designs for the holidays, such as hearts, shamrocks, pumpkin's or whatever you like. Have fun with it.

Fancy Appetizer Pancakes
Ok, so maybe these were for the kid inside ME but I mean come on, who wouldn't grab one of these mini pancake stackers if they were sitting around a brunch buffet??!?! They are delicious and too cute.

I mean, adults deserve to have fun too, right :) 

The Perfect Flip
There is no science to this, only practice. Trust me, I have broken and splattered enough pancakes in my day to truly prove that only practice can give you a flippin' perfect pancake. I use a large-mouthed spatula and started at the ears reaching as far I could down the face. This supported the weakest part of the pancake while keeping the whole piece together. 
It worked perfectly, just give yourself space to flip.

Shaped pancakes can be a weekly ritual that will make eating breakfast fun for adults and kids alike. Bonus, this gives kids a chance to work on their cooking skills, exercise creativity and learn shapes, numbers, letters and even words, depending on how creative you all get.

Give it a shot, find out what kinda fluffy fun you can get into.

For fabulous pancake flavors try these:



Deelicious Sweets said...

My favorite is the fancy appetizer pancakes! Those look so good! What a great idea to recycle your syrup bottle for. The opening is the perfect size for pancake batter.

Jen @ Peanut Butter and Peppers said...

Cute idea!

Mary said...

What a cute idea. My grandsons will love these. I love to visit here. I never leave empty handed and always have something new to bring back to my own kitchen. I hope you are haveing a great day. Blessings...Mary

Melissa said...

So fun! Thanks for giving me a new idea for cooking with my 3 year old! :) One thing I had to do was spray the cookie cutters a little with cooking spray so the batter didn't stick t the cutters, then it was pretty easy. Thanks again!