March 31, 2012

Lemon Citrus Salt Body Scrub

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Who doesn't love soft, beautiful skin? 

I know I do.

And let's be honest, now that the weather is starting to brighten up, you're going to start breaking out those cute sandals and sleeveless tops and we all need to make sure our skin is soft, vibrant and ready for all the attention it's going to get.

This winter I made my Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar Coconut Body Scrub. It was so easy {and very cheap to make} so I bottled them up and gave them as gifts to all my family and friends for the holidays.

I loved the scrub so why not share the love... with my loves?

Well, I started getting calls and texts back from everyone that their jars were empty and they were ready for a refill. Refills, really? Must be better than I thought.
I know my bottle was empty as well so second and third batches were absolutely necessary and well on there way, but the beauty of it {besides my revitalized skin} was that each massive batch was still only about $10 in supplies... completely doable. 

As I probably mentioned before, our trip in the fall to the Von Trapp Resort in Vermont was where I really peeked an interest in homemade scrubs. The girls and I went to the spa for a treatment and I was offered salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin... bliss. The masseuse and I were chatting and she mentioned that the sugar scrub doesn't exfoliate as much as the salt but really softens your skin leaving it very supple where the salt scrub is a much harder exfoliant for scraping away dead skin cells, leaving you with soft radiant skin. 

The other helpful hint she gave me in making my decision for my treatment was that if I had shaved my legs recently I wouldn't want to try the salt as it might sting in any sensitive spots. This ultimately led me to choose the sugar scrub because I had shaved my legs that morning for the hot tub.

Yes, this was a very rough vacation {wink:wink}!  
Naturally when I went to try my first scrub I used sugar, just as I had done in the spa however, now that spring is here and I want to rejuvenate my skin and get it ready for the warm summer sun I was ready for a fresh salt scrub.

Cute new flats and now fresh soft skin!
I am a huge fan of citrus in the shower. My shampoo's and bath bar's are all some version of a citrus blend, the smell is fresh and always wakes me up in the morning. How could I go wrong with a citrus salt scrub, it's the perfect vibrant combination.

I used a blend of all different grains of salt for texture. The awakening smell of the citrus juices and zest mixed with the sweetness of the coconut was fabulous... you could almost eat this mixture rubbed over fish or something. I actually bet 
you that would be delicious, just not after you've used this in the shower...yuk!

This citrus scrub is fresh and fabulous. Exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturized from the natural oils so you don't have to worry about the salt drying out your skin. 

Share with your friends and try it for yourself, it's the spa treatment you can have everyday in your own home.
Lemon Citrus Salt Body Scrub


1/2 cup sea salt
1/4 cup kosher salt
1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp lemon zest

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl 

*Apply to hands, feet or body. Scrub thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. When done scrubbing, rinse briefly with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Recipe and photos by A Heathy Jalapeño 



Deelicious Sweets said...

I'll bet this smells good and is very refreshing! I was just thinking this morning that I need to make myself a scrub.

Tiffany said...

Great post! I make my own salt scrub too! :D And I put a bit of lavender oil in it and olive oil. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing! :D

Laura McNamara said...

Lavender oil sounds amazing!!! I have to look for that next time, thanks for the tip :)

Debi said...

I love this!!! Thank you for sharing it on your Shout Out, Sweetie! I'm going to make this tomorrow. Does it make 1/2 pint jar? I'm excited, something for me! <3 and hugs!

Amy said...

I would love to try this scrub! It sounds so fragrant as well as making your skin radiant (which we could all use)! I might just have to make this!

Tya @ Note Etc. said...

Hi Laura, that flat is so cute, I like it.. citrus is always give refreshing fragrance for any kind of purpose and I think it's fun to try your home made scrub


Jen @ Peanut Butter and Peppers said...

I love citrus! I have an obsession with the grapefruit soup from Costs Plus. Your scrub is fantastic! Perfect for the summer. I'd love to use it before heading to the beach! Now only if the weather would cooperate here!

Moore or Less Cooking said...

MMM sounds dreamy, love it!! Nettie

angela@spinachtiger said...

Thank you for this post. It's been years since I made my own scrubs and I need to do this. I used olive oil, but your idea for coconut oil is wonderful since I have it and I might be the only blogger in the world who can't stand to cook with it. I also use some grapefruit. Something about the grapefruit vanilla smell that takes me into paradise.