April 12, 2012

Healthy Living: Coo Coo for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has recently become one of the key ingredients in my kitchen and for more than a few reasons. I incorporate it into my daily diet and try to share the knowledge about this product as often as I can.

Coconut oil has an INSANE amount of health benefits proving that even one tablespoon of this stuff a day can start to improve your bodies health overall. The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, bone strength and, most surprisingly... weight loss. 

With a laundry list like that I don't know why you would even question heading to the store to pick it up immediately. I have at least 4 bottles of it in the house right now but in case you might be a little skeptical, I will share what I personally gain from this rich natural fruit and see if I can continue to persuade you.

As I mentioned, and also shared recently HERE, I am new to coconut oil. The more and more healthy conscious I have become, the more frequently I have continued to study up and read articles about all products across the board. I mention a lot of my "theories and rules" HERE and having wrote them close to a year ago, I still find every word of it to be true. Coconut oil is no exception, yet just another finding to add to the list of healthy, nutritious and beneficial items I use on a daily basis.

I only mention Kelapo to my readers because not only is their product one of the highest qualities around but right in their mission statement they say they are "one of the first Fair Trade coconut oil food products on the market, our products are 100% organic, vegetarian and free of trans fats. Plus, we incorporate eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources".

Now that is a company I can stand behind proudly and feel confident I am getting the absolute best product for my body and my dollar.

Coconut oil can be pricy and sometimes hard to find but I was going to Trader Joe's for a number of hard to find items, which is completely out of the way for me. Love the store but sometime convenience plays a very important role in what makes it home to my kitchen. Kelapo is a fabulous product, well above the brands I have found on my own and as mentioned before, they are priced beyond reasonably. Biggest benefit, they ship right to your home.

I did a number on my oatmeal bars with Kelapo and the results were fantastic... no butter needed. Coconut oil is so easy to cook with, works at high temperatures similar to olive oil and butter and has a wonderfully delicious flavor. 

Even better, Kelapo is offering all A Healthy Jalapeño readers 20% OFF of their order through May 31 if they use code “AHJ20”. For more coconut oil recipe visit their blog at www.wearecoconuts.com.

More surprises on their way... Tomorrow I have a fabulous guest blogger and wonderful friend that will knock your socks off with what she's prepared to share with you all. Come back tomorrow to see who the mystery Skinny Chef is and have a great night! 


Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out said...

I've recently become obsessed not just with trying to incorporate coconut oil into foods (I just pulled some muffins out of the oven made w it), but putting it ON my body, too! I have stopped using regular lotion on my body (still using my face moisturizer) and now just use coconut oil! I have crazy dry skin that has always been a bit of a problem child, but it has never looked better! If you haven't tried it on your skin, you totally should. Makes you smell delicious, too! =)

Grubarazzi said...

This is great! Did you know you can make your own coconut oil at home using unsweetened, organic shredded coconut? I got a boat load of it to make coconut milk at home and was pleased to discover a thick layer of fresh oil hardened on top the next day. It's even better than the stuff in the jar. So, two for one. coconut milk and oil. tada! hehe.