May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

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Ginny Gail and Laura Jeanne... 

My mother is a teacher, a good one at that, and as much as I couldn't stand this when I was younger with extra summer reading and such, as I grew older I have come to see just how much she has always wanted the best for me, teaching me every step of the way.

My mother has such a positive outlook on life, finds the good in everyone (and I really mean everyone) and consistently projects a happy and supportive attitude all day long. None of this is fake or pushed, she is just an honest and endearing person.

I am very often times called "Ginny" and told that I am "my mother's daughter" in ever sense of the word from our laugh, our stories and our sometimes forgetful memories (lol), but in all honesty... if I am even a half of my mother's heart, then it's all due to how wonderfully she raised me with her unconditional love. I am and continually will be so proud to be my mother's daughter.
My grandmother is the rock in our family. We are with family for all holidays, birthdays, and even random days because a meal together is just enough time to catch up on life and laugh. My Gram is the true matriarch, pulling and keeping our family's love together and continuously reminding everyone how blessed we are.
I've never moved very far from home, not for college, not after college, and sometimes I used to think that I was scared of too much change. But Paul reminds me daily that it's because I have such a wonderful family that loves me for who I am and that cherishes life the same way I do. My mother and father are extraordinary people, my grandmother is a true light in our family's life, and the same goes for my extended family... so why would I ever want to leave?

Mom and Gram, you have made our family. You have made us strong, happy, inspired and motivated. Each and everyone in our family knows love and support thanks to all your years and years of showing us how.

I love all that you have done for me. I love that you believe in me. I love that you are strong and supportive of me.
I love you. 

Thank you for being my MOM!
(and Grammy)

Well, with that said and clearing the tear from my eye, I am heading off to my mother's with the whole family... Gram, aunts, cousins, mother-in-laws and everyone in between to celebrate our mothers and all they mean to us.

Come see what I made for Mother's Day brunch at my Mamma's house, this delicious Strawberry Yogurt Cake that is #3 on Top 9 today on Foodbuzz. 



Hayf said...

You have a wonderful Mom, Gram and family and I love you all! XOXO, Hayf said...

yeah it is really great if you have a mother that you can always lean I missed my mom... Happy mother's day.

Heidi {Young Grasshopper} said...

Great Mother's Day Post & congrats on the FB Top 9 :)