July 16, 2012

Food Does a Body Good & Everyday Health

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Eating healthy and running my ass off!!!

I have to say that wedding dress fittings or not, it's about time I step it up and get myself moving. I have been eating healthy for a long time now (with of course the occasional indulgence) but I haven't been working out like I should. Let me correct that, I haven't been working out AT ALL. I know how important being active is as I am sure all of you do as well but my girl friend finally kicked my ass into getting my running shoes on and hitting the streets, 3 miles to be exact on my first run out. So as much as I can't believe it, I am now going to be running at least 3-4 times a week. 

Now I am pretty clear on the fact that you need to keep your body moving and flexible to maintain or slim ourself into the healthy body we all dream of but lucky for you and I, we have Darcie here from Everyday Health to share some valuable information on food and healthy eating to better ensure our bodies are working at their peek. 
After exercise or activity, the body begins the process of recovery to the muscle tissue. In order for muscle recovery to occur, adequate nutrition needs to be in place to prevent the breakdown of protein in the muscle tissue. Muscle restoration should start with recharging energy in the form of calories, which are ideally supplied by carbohydrates and proteins. These nutrients supply energy to the working muscle.

Muscle recovery is also important. Muscle recovery is where the structure of the muscle fibers is rebuilt. Muscle recovery depends on an increase in protein synthesis, which is the making of new proteins. How much protein synthesis occurs after exercise depends on the balance between the breakdown and the building of proteins. Nutrition has a major influence on the synthesis/breakdown occurrence.

Protein breakdown happens when the muscles go through stressful conditions, such as exercise. This stress activates the release of a hormone called cortisol, which breaks down proteins in your muscle tissue so that can be used for energy. If you aren’t eating after your exercise session, cortisol will remain elevated after exercise and muscle will continue to be broken down.

So many times I’ve heard people say they won’t eat after exercising because they think that fat burning will continue or because they aren’t hungry (exercise is an appetite suppressant). In actuality, it’s better to eat and drink within 30 minutes after exercise, especially prolonged or high-intensity exercise. The reason carbohydrates are so important to consume after exercise is because they stimulate an insulin response from the pancreas. The hormone insulin counteracts with the hormone cortisol and minimizes protein breakdown.

Protein consumption after exercise is important because it supplies all the essential amino acids your body needs. What are amino acids? They are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids help to make up the muscle fibers that in turn make up muscle tissue. Essential amino acids are the amino acids your body cannot make on its own, so it’s essential you get them from your diet. If you aren’t consuming protein there will be a limited availability of amino acids and calories which will limit protein synthesis.

Whole foods such as milk, fish, chicken, lean cuts of meat, tofu or beans are the best sources of protein. These foods should be included at each meal. If you select protein supplements, then choose a high quality whey protein isolate. This is the most available form. You can also add a banana and peanut butter to the shake to supply the carbohydrates and healthy fats needed to refuel your body and add a delicious taste and texture to your shake.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Eating balanced meals that deliver carbohydrates, healthy fats, and high-quality protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals will provide optimal results and provide an overall feeling of health.

Guest Blogger Darcie Sosa is a Dietetic Technician for Everyday Health.com and its calorie counter tools.
I don't know about you but the more I read about healthy eating habits, learn about how food breaks down in my body and increases or decreases my overall heath... the more I am inspired to eat and live a better life. I use your calorie counter all the time and love your app on my phone for quick references to all great health tips and food recipes.
2.25 miles. I may not look great, but I feel GREAT!!!

Thank you Darcie and Everyday Health for sharing this valuable article on food. 




Dani said...

Thanks for sharing this information!! I will DEF be using it!!!

xox Dani

Mama said...

You already look great to me... but awesome job on running! I remember when we got married I was running 30 miles a week, OBSESSING over my wedding dress fittings like they were a meeting with the Devil! I am sure you will look STUNNING running or not!

Michelle said...

Oh how I miss running. I guess I'll start wearing my running shoes again to stay fit. Thanks!

Grubarazzi said...

Awesome job on getting back out there. Running is a gift, for sure. I have been injured for the greater part of the year, and I am just getting back in to the groove myself. Good luck on your awesome goals, and you are STUNNING already :)