July 04, 2012

Sparkling Blood Orange Spritzer for the fourth of July!

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Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hello beautiful readers, it's the 4th of July and I am so excited for today. Not only is today Paul's favorite holiday out of the year but we get to spend the day around a barbecue eating and drinking great American food with great friends and family.

My fiancé is a simple guy and that's what he loves about the holiday. The patriotism, the fireworks, (the day off), but he's right in a lot of ways that this is his favorite holiday because theres very little planning, no hallmark holiday with lots of money spent, no trucking around from relative to relatives house without relaxing... the 4th of July is for fun, food and freedom and that is definitely favorite holiday criteria. 
Last night we went to the fireworks and just like last year we had the best seats in the house. Our friends work down at the airport right across from where they shoot of the fireworks in our area... the big show. So every fourth we get to drive through the police gate and onto the runway for our own private fireworks party. We grill up some dinner with tons and tons of snacks and salads, the kiddies all run around on their razor scooters and sneak cookies loaded with blue and red frosting and we all pull up our lawn chairs to have a few beers and catch up before the light show. It's such a great time, no crowds and our own private bathrooms... score!
I am new to learning about blood oranges and how to cook with them but whatever I’ve lacked with past experience I have been making up for pretty quickly over the last couple of months. Blood oranges are somewhat of a winter fruit but they can come out later in the season trickling into spring/summer if you can find them. I have been cooking a lot with them however when I made this spritzer it’s screamed summer to me because of its bright and vibrant color. 

I brought a pitcher of these last night and they were excellent. The orange soda will keep in the fridge for future cocktails or even just an afternoon mocktail if you are really craving this delicious fruit. If you do not have blood oranges still available you can normally find the bottled soda at Stew Lenard's or specialty stores and it will work just as well.
Fresh Blood Orange Spritzer 
Servings: 1 cocktail


4 oz blood orange sparkling soda
2 oz Sauvignon Blanc (or sparkling white wine)
1/2 oz orange liquor
blood oranges, sliced for garnish

Combine and stir. Add ice to glass and pour cocktail over ice.
Garnish with a slice of blood orange and serve.

Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 

Also try my perfect 4th of July dessert,
I hope your barbecue's, cold beers and fabulous recipes are enjoyed around great company today... relax and enjoy, this is our holiday!
Happy fourth of July friends!!!!


carpet cleaning Fargo ND said...

This looks delicious!

Kate said...

Looks lovely! Happy 4th :)

Ashlee Christopher said...

This looks sooo refreshing! Just found your blog on Eat Yourself skinny love it! Hey just wanted to personally invite you to today's blog hop happening on my page today lets help each other get more followers! Check it out http://abpetite.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-hop.html

Autumn@GoodEatsGirl said...

This is a perfect summer drink! I love blood oranges..so good!

Jennie @themessybakerblog said...

This spritzer looks amazing and, wow, the color is gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely 4th!

Carrie Burrill said...

This sounds so refreshing!

The Slush said...

Can't wait to try this thanks!!

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

Currently obsessed with blood oranges...going to have to try this! Looks amazing!

peacelovequinoa.com said...

ooh, i like the looks of this! i'm obsessed with blood oranges!