August 30, 2012

A Grownup Birthday Milkshake

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It's my birthday!!!!

Today marks my 29th birthday and it's the perfect beginning to a great year. In a little more than a month I am marrying the man of my dreams with all of our closest friends and family present, enjoying 2 mini-moon vacations across New England and embarking on the strongest journey of hope I will ever encounter.
I am not one to get depressed over getting older yet instead I embrace my wisdom as I age. I think birthdays are a time to celebrate the life you've lived thus far and the life you have in front of you that has yet to unfold. It's exciting.

Birthday's are exciting... and fun and silly. And who doesn't like silly?

I do!
It seems like such a short time ago that it was my 28th Birthday and Paul and I were bunkered down for what we thought would be the big storm of the year, Hurricane Irene, and I was celebrating the safety of all my loved ones, to our homes still standing and to me getting yet another year older! 

I guess you could say not much has changed except that there was no storm this year. I continue to be so blessed.
I don't have much planned for my birthday this year, the last year in my 20's, but I have to say I have so much coming up to look forward to that I am so excited about... more so because it's time spent with friends and family.

As I mentioned this past weekend we were unexpectedly invited to the JETS's Sunday night football game by his best man, his wife and our little ring bearer and we all had the time of our lives. Little tailgating, couple of beers and a whole lot of J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS chanting! This coming weekend we have Paul's family reunion, one of my good friends wedding and a couple of fun wedding errands of our own. 

It's a back-to-back exciting week for us.
So in keeping with last year's cocktail theme I really wanted dessert before dinner tonight and being that it's my birthday I thought I earned that right. We have lot's of opportunities for unhealthy foods coming up but thus far I have been very good in keeping with the "wedding diet" so in keeping with that mindset, I decided to have a healthy yet delicious sweet treat. 

I had some inspiration from a close SRC friend when she had her blog's birthday but I knew the exact birthday cake combination I wanted. I was a bartender back in college and one of the best shots to give out was the chocolate cake... a mixture of vanilla vodka and frangelica taken with a big bite of a sugared lemon slice. 

I am telling you it's the best.
Citrus and vanilla with hints of sweet liquored hazelnut and toped with all the sprinkles I wanted... ahh that's a birthday milkshake. Of course I shared my fabulous milkshake with my wide-eyed fiancé being that he is such a huge ice cream fanatic (I know, I am good like that), but this sweet sip totally put a smile on my face. 

So here's to 29

May you be healthier, happier and full of great surprises!!!
A Grownup Birthday Milkshake 
Serving: 1 milkshake

4 scoops of french vanilla frozen yogurt
1/2 cup original almond milk
2 oz Frangelica liquor
1 oz citrus vodka (I use Absolute)
1/4 cup whip cream
Sprinkles, lots and lots of sprinkles

Blend all of your ingredients together.
Pour milk shake into glass and top with whip cream and loads of sprinkles.

Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 


nicole @ I am a Honey Bee said...


Such a great way to celebrate your bday!!

Colleen @ Culinary Colleen said...

Happy birthday! This looks like a great way to celebrate :)

angela@spinachtiger said...

Happy Birthday, That's a milkshake I could enjoy!

Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers said...

Happy Birthday! Your drink looks amazing!!!!!!

veegee said...

I can tell you first hand that this milkshake is delicious! We blended up a batch to celebrate Laura's birthday with the family. The hint of Frangelica hazelnut along with the vanilla yogurt and citrus vodka was smooth and creamy. Like the movie, "Gone in 60 Seconds"!

Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie said...

Happy birthday! Fabulous way to celebrate