November 03, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Support {All The Way From Iowa!}

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It's amazing what you can learn from a friend and what random friends can do to touch your heart without them ever knowing.

A great blogger and foodie friend Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats, hosts a "Friday Favorites" piece about all her favorites in a plethora of topics from around the web. Yesterday she reached out to us out East with her concern and support.

"Favorite help: American Red Cross Disaster Relief. As I mentioned, the devastation on the east coast caused by Hurricane Sandy continues to sicken and sadden me. Please consider donating to the American Red Cross’ disaster relief fund to help our friends in need, if you are able!" Read more Here

Luckily for my husband and I, we never lost power... but we must have been in the small 1% because all of our friends and family weren't as lucky. We had my sister-in-law staying with us as well as a few friends this week to share the wealth of a hot shower, hot meal and of course plug-in's so that we could all keep trekking along with our day-to-day jobs. It was the least we could do after last years storm when we were without power for 8 days during the Noreaster blizzard that whipped through Connecticut last October, and our friends and family opened their doors to us. 

The storm has been devastating to the Northeast, to say the least, but with people like Kristin sharing compassion and support, the gesture is overwhelmingly appreciated.  

Thanks Kristin!!

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