November 12, 2012

Veteran's Calling For The Cavalry: {Brewing Co. that is}

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In honor of Veteran’s Day I wanted to share something truly awesome with you all.

Husby is an Army veteran, serving 11 years (thus far) and two tours in Iraq, so when it comes to honoring our military, nothing is closer to my heart. Our soldiers, past and present, give so much to our country and they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation.

The Brewer:
Mike McCreary, Owner and Brewer of Cavalry Brewing, Co., is also an Army veteran. Mike was serving active duty for three years and in the Army reserves for 19 years when he was deployed to Iraq in early 2003 with husby. Mike also happened to be Paul's former executive officer.
As Mike mentions through his companies About Me section, “He went overseas with some of his best friends and we all make it back alive despite many close calls.” Cavalry Brewing, Co was born when Mike was laid off in 2008 in the recession and decided to combine his love for beer with his stories in the military and the friends he served with.

His brew line is a tribute to them and all the soldiers that fight for this country.  
Fortunately, Paul and I have the pleasure of living not too far from the brewery and we’ve stopped down a couple of times to say hello {…and enjoy a few beer tastings}. Mike is such a warm and welcoming man who truly has a love for beer. You get the warm and fuzzies just knowing the background of the company but the really exciting part comes when you actually taste his beer.

Cavalry Brewing uses a traditional English brewing method on American equipment to create fresh and flavorful ales and stouts that all palates would enjoy. Each beer is a balance between barley and hops to provide an easy drinking ale or stout.” Calvary produces authentic, delicious, and most importantly, fresh delicious examples of English beer. 
We have been buying Cavalry’s line-up since they opened and each day more and more stores are selling his product.

Paul and I ordered two quarter kegs for our rehearsal dinner for our close family and friends to enjoy, Hatch Plug and Article 15. We also got a 30-pack of the traditional Bud Light (normally Paul’s favorite) for those that didn’t want to be adventurous. The next day and two empty kegs later there was still the full 30-pack of beer floating untouched in the barrel. Needless to say it was a huge hit and is now requested for all family reunions and get-togethers.

Upon returning the keg before we left for our honeymoon, we got to chatting with Mike and decided to pick up another quarter keg to bring with us, this time the XLimited Edition. We were spending the first couple of days with friends so there we thought it would be a great addition, and we were so right. It’s the perfect beer to sit back and enjoy. So much body and flavor with a crisp clean finish, delicious.

In bringing back this last keg, I wanted take a few pic’s of the brewery so that I could share this wonderful company with you all. The symbolic history, patriotism and the pour are all reasons to go pick up a six pack of Cavalry labeled beer and see for yourself why this local brewery is growing and growing. 

The Line-up:

Article 15 Ale

Article 15 is a non-judicial punishment administred by a commander in the military. It usually results from someone getting caught doing something very stupid. The operative term is "getting caught". This beer is dedicated to those that dodged the Article 15 bullet and to those that did not.

X-Limited Eddition

Like a missile, this beer will be launched only if YOU the drinker deem it so. In the military an "X" means it's experimental. Critique this beer by using the lot number on the side of the label. Click on "X-Limited Edition", input the lot number & leave your comments. Let us know if it's a Patriot or a Scud!


Not for the weak or fainthearted. Marauder IPA is a tribute to all rangers past and present that have been arriving at the cutting edge of battle since 1776. This beer is dedicated to the rangers that have sacrificed their lives for our country. Have one for the airborne ranger in the sky. Rangers lead the way!

Hatch Plug Ale

A happy tanker is a fat tanker and a real fat tanker is a Hatch Plug. This beer is named after a 1st Lieutenant that was traded for six M-16’s to another unit prior to departing for Iraq in early 2003. Hatch Plug went on to run the Baghdad airport and helped establish the telecommunications system in the region. Despite what we did to him he remains a good friend to this day.

Dog Soldier Golden Ale

Dog Soldier covered the eastern Baghdad area of operations and was made famous by a reporter who published his disdain for those running the war. Despite his faux pas his performance was exemplary and he was instrumental in providing water and food to thousands of Iraqi’s in his AO. DSNQ

Nomad Stout

Nomad is a good friend that led a team in eastern Baghdad with a base at the Al Rustimayah war college in southeastern Baghdad. He was the only officer in our group to be wounded and this came from an Iraqi ceiling fan. We promptly shot the fan and transported the wounded soldier to the aid station where he received three stitches.

Big Wally Porter

Big Wally Porter is named after our commander in Iraq during operation Enduring Freedom/OIF 1. He was and still is an excellent leader that was even handed but, at times loud (hence the name). Through his leadership and concern for the soldier we managed to leave Iraq with many close calls but, no losses.

Oxford, Connecticut
(203) 262-6075

To find them outside of Connecticut, go to BeerJobber to have Cavalry delivered to your door. 

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Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said...

This is a wonderful story! My husband is a Veteran (Marine Corps) and I can't wait to show him this. Thanks for sharing :)