December 14, 2012

5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

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As the Christmas season approaches, people are getting much busier planning their holiday itineraries. Surrounded by such an electrifying hype, people easily forget to stay healthy over these festive weeks. From traveling to indulging in cholesterol-rich foods, the human body endures an awful lot of unhealthy or hard-to-deal-with things during Christmas holidays. For people who wish to step up their game and maintain optimal health over the holidays, below are 5 surefire ways to achieve their goals.

Get Involved

Rather than watching TV or eating all day, consider getting involved with the community. Volunteer here and there, and really stay on your feet and out of the kitchen. This way you're paying it forward, truly feeling the holiday spirit AND avoiding the excess calories that you'd consume just sitting around.

Food Fun

Even if you can't consume every confection on your Christmas table, help your family prepare for their feast. This way, you're not all by your lonesome. Furthermore, by involving yourself during the preparation, you can cite healthier alternatives for meal ingredients and suggest more nutritious dishes to make. Participate actively to bend decisions to the right curve. If your family members still insist on making decadent cake, suggest donating that dish to a local pantry in need of food for Christmas dinner.

Early Morning Jog

Early morning, between 4 to 6, is a great time to get in a quick workout. It isn't overcrowded with people or cars, despite being the holidays. Taking early morning jogs will help you stay fit, and you won't have to worry about leaving your loved ones behind while you sneak in some cardio. Though your calories burned will likely be replaced by your next meal, that's still ok. The key is to always stay dedicated to your long term wellness. A little indulgence here and there is perfectly acceptable, as long as your eye is always on the prize.

Holiday Parties

Christmas isn't complete if you can't celebrate it with family and friends, right? Though holiday parties are fun and exciting, it does leave you vulnerable to consuming too much food or drinking too much alcohol. A great way to keep your cravings and appetite under control is to eat a light meal prior going to the party. This way, you'll be satisfied with eating fruit platters or carrot sticks once you are actually at the party.


Most families and individuals spend their Christmas holidays out of town. During your stay at hotels or at your relative's house, make sure you keep an eye out for things that may compromise your health. For example, never drive under the influence, and be sure to keep an eye out for others who are less careful

In conclusion, staying healthy over the holidays is a great way to start the upcoming new year. However, you should aim to stay healthy and fit all the time, not just during holidays. A new year's resolution is only worth something if you stick with it!

Gregory Logan writes about health, nutrition and wellness. A nurse, he routinely writes for the Associates Degree in Nursing Guide.


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