July 29, 2013

Watermelon-Mint Salad

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I don't know about you all, but I am loving that August is almost here. Mainly because August means we are another month closer till husby comes home but also because that means fall is almost here and you know how much I love that crisp air, fresh apple pie and football season.
In the meantime while we are still all frying our tootsies off in this heat I have a fabulous and fresh salad that will make your mouth water. It's SRC time and this month I was given Renee's blog Eat Live Blog, a true New England foodie, and as a New Englander myself I was excited to see what she loves to cook and blog about. While I was tempted by her Roasted Tomatillo and Poblano Salsa or the Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Fritter's, I landed on a traditional favorite but one that never fails in New England in the summertime... watermelon salad.
I have made a few versions before but sometimes the classics stand out and it's exactly what this Connecticut heat-wave called for. Something about the totally juicy watermelon with the fresh zip of the mint and lime has me reaching for more and more until the bowl is empty. Can you actually have too much watermelon? I seriously doubt it, but if you can, then I absolutely came close. With the double-batch that I made, half went in my belly and half came with me to my family reunion up north. For a 90 degree day with plenty of humidity, you better believe it was right there rivaling the hot dogs and hamburgers.
If you have't had your full share of watermelon already this summer, grab another melon and toss together this fresh and juicy treat. Renee suggests, preparing this salad right before serving as the lime juice will begin to break the watermelon down after a while. Enjoy!
Watermelon-Mint Salad
Servings: 4

4 pounds of rind on watermelon
1/4 cup of chopped fresh mint
1/4 cup of lime juice, around 2 limes

Use a melon baller to scoop watermelon off the rind and add to a large bowl. Chop mint and juice the limes and add to the bowl.
Toss gently using your clean hands. Serve chilled.

Photos by A Healthy Jalapeño  

Recipe by Eat Live Blog

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Emily said...

Happy Reveal Day! This looks like the most perfect picnic or potluck dish.

BurntApple said...

Happy SRC Day! This is an amazing classic recipe. Watermelon never fails in the summer time. Love your pretty photos.

SallyBR said...

Gorgeous presentation for a perfect summertime treat!

Great photos!

Melissa said...

What a delicious side dish, or healthy snack. I love watermelon and this sounds quite easy! Great pick this month :)

withoutadornment said...

Yummy! I've been seeing all these watermelon salads and they look so good - especially yours! Perfect for summer! Great SRC pick!

Rebekah Hills said...

Yumm - that looks so refreshing! Absolutely delicious. Great SRC pick!

Kimberly Bright said...

A perfect way to bring out the flavors of watermelon. YUM!

Karen S Booth said...

What a FABULOUS recipe for a hot summer, this looks so cool and refreshing and is a great SRC pick for July! Karen

Janie E. said...

That is so cute how they are little balls of watermelon :) It sounds incredibly refreshing!

Happy Reveal Day.

thepajamachef.com said...

this sounds delicious! i love watermelon and with mint? even better!