A Great Way to Lose Weight

Losing excess body weight is a really big challenge for many. Some sweat it out at a gym and some prefer to go on a strict diet to shed those unwanted body fat. However, there is still a third category of people, who simply wish that they could get thin without any physical exercises and without following a proper diet. According to experts, there is no short-cut for getting thin. However, with the introduction of CLA supplements in the market, losing weight has become a very simple mission. All you need is a little bit of determination and patience.

What Do You Mean By CLA?

CLA is basically conjugated linoleic acid. It is usually found in different dairy products and meat in the form of naturally occurring fatty acid. It happens to be a popular dietary supplement and has been proven to be helpful in getting rid of excess body fat, retain muscle mass, and also control two primary types of diabetes. CLA is usually available in 2 forms, syrup and pills. The syrup is quite tasty and you can easily mix it with your daily food. However, the pill has a bitter taste and it best to consume it with water. Experts have suggested to buy a weight loss product, which contains almost 80% CLA. This will help you get the most out CLA and lose weight faster.

A small test was conducted on approximately 180 overweight people divided into 3 groups. One group was asked to consume CLA rich pill, the second group was asked to consume CLA syrup and the third group was asked to consume a placebo capsule. All the participants were asked not to change their daily habits. After a year of this habit, both the groups on CLA products showed a loss of 4 pounds in their body weight. Those on CLA pill showed a loss of 7% body fat and those on the syrup showed a loss of 9% body fat. However, those on placebo had no change at all. Their weight and body fat remained the same. It was also seen that the 2 groups on CLA had a distinctive improvement in their muscle mass. Whereas, those on placebo showed no improvement at all.

CLA was also tested on certain animals and the result showed that CLA was rather helpful in preventing heart diseases. This test also showed that certain types of cancer can also be prevented with the help of CLA. The overall immune system in these animals had enhanced with time.

If you decide to consume CLA pills or syrup to get rid of those excess fat around your belly, then it is highly recommended to have it for on a daily basis. If you put a break in between, then the results may not be as per your expectations. It is also going to be a good idea if you also workout every day. This will boost the results from CLA rich products and also help you lose weight faster than normal.



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