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Do you work out every day? Do you visit a local gym to exercise or do you usually do it at home? Whatever be the case, you probably know how important it is to consume proteins in order to gain muscle mass and energy. There are several sources of protein available in the market. Some prefer to have protein supplements, whereas, some prefer to include protein in their daily diets. Apart from consuming meat, you should also consume eggs on a daily basis. It is one of the best sources of protein, calories, and energy to help you get the most out of your daily workout routine.

Nutritional Content of an Egg

An egg comprises of a yolk and egg white. You must heard that eggs are rich in calories and may tend to make you gain weight with time. This statement is not entirely correct. Apart from calories, eggs also contain various other nutrients, which can help you get healthier and fitter within a few months.

  1. Protein: AS discussed above, eggs are a great source of protein. In an average, a large sized egg contains approximately 6 grams of protein, which is perfect for a grown up. Most of the protein content is found in the egg whites. It is needless to say that protein is essential in helping you grow and repair and damaged tissues inside your body.
  2. Fats: A large egg contains approximately 5 grams of fat. It has been seen that almost half the calorie content in an egg comes from fat. This fat is normally concentrated around the yolk and 1.6 grams of it is saturated fat.
  3. Vitamins: Do you have vitamin tablets on a daily basis? Have you been tested to have a shortage of vitamin B-2 or B-12? The best solution is to consume eggs every day. Eggs are said to be rich in vitamins B-2 and vitamins B-12.

Calorie Content in an Egg

You must have heard people say that eggs are rich in calories and if you are fat or suffer from heart ailments, then you should never have eggs. Thankfully, this is not true at all. Eggs are said to contain a very low percentage of calories. The exact amount of calories found in an egg is mainly dependent upon the size of the egg. An egg, weighing 50 grams, usually contains 72 calories. An egg, weighing 38 grams, will contain around 54 calories, a medium sized egg, weighing 44 grams, will contain 63 calories, and an extra-large egg, weighing 56 grams, will contain 80 calories.

Contrary to popular beliefs, eggs are highly beneficial to your health. The calorie content in an egg is almost negligible and the nutritional content is highly essential to lead a healthy and disease free life. Even if you work out daily at a gym, your trainer will always advice you to have eggs on a daily basis. It will not just help you gain muscular mass, it will also help you get the required energy to exercise properly.



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