You will seldom come across a person who does not like to have sweets. A little bit of sweet in your daily diet certainly does minimal harm to your body. However, the danger arises when you start enjoying sweets in larger doses. If you start adding sweeteners to your foods and have soft drinks more than once every day, then you are surely going in the wrong direction. Basically you are pushing your body to the edge of a cliff. Doctors say that large amounts of sweets in your daily diet can give rise to several health problems such as increased body weight and diabetes.

What Is The Actual Source Of Sugar?

Since your childhood days you must have known that sugar comes from sugarcanes. However, in reality, a majority of the sugars used in the US come from sugar beets. Thankfully, this does not cause much change to the benefits of sugar. Whether it comes from sugarcanes or sugar beets, it tastes and looks exactly the same. However, in the US most of the sugar beets are genetically modified, which can cause a major change in the quality of sugar.

Simple Tips to Stay Away From Genetically Modified Sugar

Genetically modified food items can cause major problems to your health. It is highly advisable to stay away from such types of sugar. Here are some tips to help you in such matters.

  • You will often find yourself having packaged sugar on a daily basis. Better stay away from such foods. Packaged sugar includes different types of candy and tomato sauces, which list just “sugar” as one of the ingredients.
  • Be strong and avoid various types of drinks and foods which have corn syrup as the primary sweetener. In the US, corn is said to be one of the highly genetically modified foods.
  • Always choose those products which mention that those contain non-GMO sugar. You will come across various foods which have “non-GMO beet root” and “non-GMO molasses” mentioned on their labels.
  • You may also choose food products which contain organic sugar contents. You will find “organic molasses” and “organic beet sugar” mentioned on the food labels.

Alternates to Genetically Modified Sweeteners

It is true that adding a lot of sugar to your daily diet is injurious to your health. However, it is also true that without a little bit of sugar in your food you will find it bland after a few days. However, you may opt for healthier alternatives to genetically modified sugars. These are maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, honey, brown rice syrup, yacon, date sugar, and coconut nectar, to name a few.

It is said that if you eat healthy, then half the fight to stay health is won automatically. It is very important that you take some time and choose your foods wisely. It is needless to say that occasional intake of unhygienic foods is still okay for your health. However, regular intake can be seriously harmful to your body. This is why better be safe than sorry when it comes to your eating habits.



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