What’s the Difference Between Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid represent organic compounds which have a bio-stimulant role. They are used to improve nutrient absorption and they are largely used in the supplement industry in different forms. They attach to organic molecules or mineral ions and they hold firmly not to be dissolved in soil but loosely for plants to use them as needed.

There are different products on the market which are intended for human use and which can benefit you with their mineral intake. Many of the Humic options on the market are in fact a combination of Humic and Fulvic Acids. The main difference between them comes with the fact that the Humic Acid has larger molecules. This is why it can come with better results in the right combinations, but it may even be hard to tell the real difference between them in different products. They are seen in agriculture but they are also used in dietary supplements for different purposes:


One of the main areas of benefit with the acids comes with the digestion. This is why both the Humic and the Fulvic Acid can be used for improved results when it comes to better digestion. Normally, they are consumed in small quantities and they can come in liquid form which makes their absorption even easier. In many cases, they can come with no results at all as research shows and this is why you will not be sure of their benefits until you try them yourself.

Nutrient Absorption

One of the main roles of the acids comes with nutrient absorption. As in agriculture where they attach to minerals, they can work well with nutrient absorption as they will continue to support an increased overall percentage of the nutrients you absorb.

Of course, this also means that the acids will determine a good list of benefits for the gut as well as better absorption can mean that your digestive system can stay away from certain issues such as constipation. If you are suffering from food sensitivities, the acids together can come to improve your condition and they represent one of the solutions to be considered when you want a natural approach as an alternative to medication. This is why it is important to see the real potential of the acids when it comes to nutrient absorption and better overall health results.

Often times made with trace minerals, the compounds can also be used by active people who still need good absorption rates but who also need better recovery after intense workouts. Some data suggests that the acids can lead to a poorer hydration in the muscles but as long as you drink plenty of water, they can come with the added benefits of the minerals which play an important role in muscle contraction.

Antioxidant Action

The antioxidant action of the acids is also important. This is why it can be used by active people or those who want to limit the effects of aging. In many cases, it is also important to know that you can see improved results when it comes to better health and reduced risk of inflammation.

Since antioxidants come with a role in minimizing possible oxidative stress, the acids can be used to see decreased inflammation in the joints. They are also among the natural solutions which are made to improve the overall oxygenation in the blood and they can be used together with other supplements for this purpose as well.

The acids are not to be confused with probiotics or amino acids which come to improve vascularization, but they can come with small improvements in this area, even if not for all people.

Energy Levels

Humic acid has been shown to activate every biological process in the body. With better electric communication between cells, you can even experience improved energy levels. In many cases, it can also be true that you will find great results when it comes to better health which is important when tackling certain issues such as a headache or joint paint.

But with improved biological functions, you will also get to experience improved overall energy levels. This is why it is important to know that you can find many great results when it comes to good health with the acids which are easy to consume and which boost some of the natural functions of the body.


Another benefit of the acids comes with their capacity to boost immunity. The electrolytes thus support the immune system and can be used as supplements when you want to ensure you stay healthy for a long period of time. At the same time, the acids cannot be used to treat medical conditions but they represent real options when it comes to keeping certain problems away, in the combination with the right healthy foods.

Cognitive Function

The electrolyte profile of the acids recommends them for better cognitive health. This is why together with the antioxidant action, they can be recommended when it comes to better overall health, especially when you want to limit the effects of aging.

With a better overall electrolyte impact with the trace minerals and improved antioxidant action, the acids represent a real solution when it comes to tackling some of the effects of aging. While they come with different results in many cases, it is hard to establish the benefits until you actually try such a supplement yourself.


There are no major known drawbacks to consider when using the acids. But there is increasing evidence that further research is needed both to further establish their benefits and to establish their drawbacks as well. This is why it is important to know that they do not come with definite answers in many cases and this is also why you should consume them according to the specifications of the manufacturer. In many cases, they can come with different results which can also be hard to trace and this is why even the Humic or the Fulvic Acid supplements can come with such changing results.



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