Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Modern age teens are always on the lookout for some fun. You will either find them partying with their friends at a local pub or someone’s house or going out for a short break on a tour. It is true that, as parents, if you do not try to control them, you may have to regret in the days to come. Teen years are those times when a person is unable to decide for themselves regarding their life and personal goals. Teens are often found to be confused about their own future and can easily lose track of their goals. This can prove to be rather dangerous, since this may often lead them to the dangerous and dark alleys of drug abuse.

It is often seen that alcohol and drugs have a more serious effect on teenagers as compared to adults. The various signs of addiction can be very difficult to comprehend. There are also situations wherein adolescents fail to understand the long-term damage of drugs on their own health due to fading away of the short-term side effects. There is no person who tries drugs in order to get addicted. Teens usually try alcohol after noticing their parents having it. They may even experiment with marijuana after being offered by friends. There are many people who can stop themselves after a single sip of alcohol or a single hit of drugs. However, for those with a family history of addiction, stopping after a sip is easily said than done.  If you or your kids need help please check out Drug Rehabilitation in Florida.

What Is Addiction?

Most of you have heard about the term addiction being largely used all over the world. But, what does it actually mean? Addiction is basically a chronic disease associated with the brain, which causes or forces you to seek and use drugs, in spite of the various negative consequences of it. When it comes to a teen, the brain is still in a developing stage. Thus, the risk of addiction is much higher than any adult. When a teen gets addicted to alcohol or any type of drugs, the disease can easily slow down the development of the brain. It may also give rise to several mental health disorders such as depression.

How Do Alcohol And Drugs Affect The Brain Of A Teen?

As discussed above, drugs have a more serious effect on little children and teenagers as compared to adults simply because the brain of a teen is still in a developing stage. It is said that the human brain continues to develop till the age of 25. As a child grows older, his brain tends to develop in an uneven manner. The part of the brain that controls emotion, coordination, and motivation develops much faster than the other part that controls impulse and reasoning. This can be the simple reason why teens tend to respond emotionally more often than an adult. This is also a major factor behind teens showing a risk-taking behavior. It is very easy to understand that a brain, which is still at its developing stage, can easily get damaged when compared to a brain that is fully developed.

According to research, drugs and alcohol can easily disrupt brain development. They tend to affect a person’s memory, as well as, his ability to respond to stress and stimuli in a negative manner. This is why it is a common sight to find people, addicted to drugs or alcohol from a young age, suffering from various types of mental health problems. This may include personality disorder, suicidal thoughts, and depression. It is also true that developing brains are easily prone to addiction. Such brains can easily adapt themselves to drug overdose, which may lead to dependence and cravings.

Vital Facts about Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

It is quite difficult to find accurate and unbiased information pertaining to drug usage. There are thousands of teens across the country who smoke weed and drink alcohol for the very first time in their lives and seldom go on to try harder drugs, which may include heroin and cocaine. However, that does not signify that marijuana and alcohol are safe. All you need to get addicted to various types of drugs is just a single try. It is also true that many people do not get addicted even after trying cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol for the first time in life.

Here are some facts about drug use trends which can easily help you prevent your teenage kid from falling prey to addiction.

  • Most of the teens do not use drugs or smoke marijuana on a regular basis.
  • Those who get addicted to hard drugs often start off with cigarettes or alcohol or marijuana.
  • New products such as vaping products or synthetic marijuana and prescription drugs may not be safer than other traditional drugs.
  • In the year 2017, it has been observed that about 1 in 4 high school seniors used illicit drugs, which may include the likes of marijuana or heroin the last 30 days.
  • It is often seen that those who tend to have alcoholic energy drinks are twice as much likely to get injured or hurt as compared to college teens, who usually have alcohol without caffeine. Thesis to require to drive with someone who is drunk or to get medical attention.
  • There are many people who get hooked on drugs much faster than others.
  • In the year 2015, there were more than 770 reported cases about teens, between the age of 15 and 19, who died of drug overdose.

During the teenage days, use of any substance can easily turn from occasional use to addiction or dependence. If you know about the facts mentioned above, it will help you understand the effects of the various substance abuse and also the different realities of addiction amongst teens in the US. Usually, teens often think that drugs are being used by almost every person on earth. It is also noticed that youths tend to brag about the things they do not usually do or have never tried.



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