Ample Meal vs Soylent Nutritional Drinks

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to stay healthy when you’re constantly on the go or trying to stick to a diet or meal plan. Meal replacement drinks are an easy way to stick to healthy eating and cheaper than most of the meal prep service providers in local markets. These drinks are made with not only protein but fat and carbohydrates as well, so they fully stand in place of a meal. Instead of stopping at a restaurant or in the fast food line, you can put a meal replacement drink in your car or in your suitcase.

Two of the most popular meal replacement drinks are Ample and Soylent. Ample is bottled powder and comes in three formulas: Classic, Vegan, and Keto. Soylent comes in both powder and liquid form and is available in three different flavors (Original, Nectar, Cacao) as well as a caffeinated version (Café Coffiest). Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two and who wins the Ample vs Soylent battle.

Artificial Ingredients – Soylent vs Ample

Ample does not have any artificial ingredients; its protein and fat sources, such as coconut oil, egg whites, and grass-fed whey, are all natural. You will, however, find artificial ingredients in Soylent, mainly in its artificial flavoring.

Vitamin Density – Ample Meal vs Soylent

Ample is light on vitamins, so taking vitamin supplements is recommended if you are relying on this drink for meal replacements. Soylent, however, contains a complete blend of vitamins. Each bottle of Soylent has 20% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins.


If you’re searching for a meal replacement drink that adheres to your lactose-free dietary needs, Soylent is the best choice; all of Soylent’s formulas are lactose-free. Out of the three Ample formulas, only the Vegan formula is.

Vegan Formulas

If sticking with your vegan meal plan is important to you, Soylent once again is a great choice; all of its varieties are vegan, while Ample’s Classic and Keto formulas are not.  However, Ample V is their vegan option.  So, they do have an option for those who are vegan. Soylent uses soy as the protein source for all of its formulas.

Convenience – Ample vs Soylent Meal Replacements

Since Ample comes in powdered form, the liquid-free bottles are easy to take through airports. Simply add water, and your meal is ready to drink. These bottles also don’t need to be refrigerated until you add liquid, which makes them convenient for travel. However, Ample can be expensive, and if you need to bring a large amount for a trip, it can take up a lot of space in your suitcase or car.

Soylent’s powder comes in pouches rather than bottles, so if you choose the powdered version, you don’t have to worry about taking up space. This also allows you to bring Soylent through security lines in airports. The liquid versions don’t have to be refrigerated until they’re opened, so you can easily transport those in the car and on the go. Soylent is also the more inexpensive brand.

Meal replacement drinks are a healthy, convenient, on-the-go option for people who are striving to stick with their meal plans or diets. Before you settle on a drink, consider all of your options, then choose the best meal replacement drink for your budget and your lifestyle.

Conclusion and Who is the Winner – Ample or Soylent?

While both drinks have their advantages, our favorite is Ample Meal.  The convenience, multiple options and the taste are what sold us.  Check some out today and make sure to use our exclusive 15% coupon code (CL15)ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and see the pricing. You can also read more on our Ample Meal Coupon Code page.



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