Best Keto Cookbook – Top Ketogenic Diet Books in 2018

The ketogenic diet is exploding in popularity every day because of how easy and simple the lifestyle is. Many out there are looking to improve their health and lose weight without needing to worry as much about calories. One of the challenges of beginning the keto diet is that there are many different foods that you are not allowed to eat, thus limiting the variety of different foods available for cooking. This can turn some people and beginners away from the diet, but there are many ways around this obstacle. One of the best is investing in the Best Keto Cookbook to add to your kitchen. But what is Keto and the Ketogenic Diet? Let’s look a bit further into why this diet is beneficial for your overall health and fitness.

Top 5 Keto Cookbooks

Bacon & Butter - TOP PICK
Ketosis Cookbook
Simply Keto
The Keto Diet
Keto Made Easy

What is Keto And How Can It Benefit You

Best keto diet book

So, you may have heard about the ketogenic diet and cannot understand exactly what this diet entails. Or you may already know quite a bit but just need a bit of a refresher on what the restrictions are. This section will thoroughly explain exactly what the keto diet is and why this would be a great way to jumpstart your path to optimal health.

This plan of eating is based on the concept of eating a high amount of fats while lowering your carb intake to create more ketones in the liver. Once ketones are created, this will increase your bodies use of ketones to fuel important body systems. If your body is using ketones, it is using the fat on your body as fuel instead of carbs, causing an increase in weight loss.

There are many benefits to eating this way for most people. Though it can be challenging at first to leave behind carbs as they are in many different foods we eat daily, the effects on the body can cause a dramatic increase in energy levels and weight loss. It can also improve mental clarity and be used to help heal many diseases. But one of the primary reasons to start the keto diet is for the almost instant effect it can have on your body. Many who try this diet report feeling better within 2 weeks of starting, which would be great for those looking for quicker results than following a traditional diet.

Where To Find The Best Recipes For Keto

ketogenic diet

One of the most commonly asked questions is how to find great recipes when starting the keto diet. Like mentioned before, it can be hard to begin if you are not sure of what foods to eat or how to make them tasty. Most of us are raised eating carbs every day, so the transition to eliminating those foods can be tough.

The best places to look for new recipes is in cookbooks, online, or keto blogs. These resources can provide amazing resources from people who follow the diet as well. These recipes are usually tailored to those who are just starting the ketogenic diet or have already started and just need some new fresh recipes.

One thing to watch out for is special diet limitations you may have, such as being unable to eat recipes that contain an ingredient that doesn’t work for you. There are typically lists of ingredients included in these recipes, so this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Also, be sure that there are no hidden carbs in the recipes that you may find when searching around the internet.

Why Keto Cookbooks Are A Good Investment

Cookbooks are an excellent resource for those who are not the best with coming up with their own unique recipes, especially when following a new diet that eliminates a group of food that your use to. Most keto cookbooks are easily affordable with tons of recipes that provide alternatives for the meals you love to eat that contain carbs.

Plus, keto cookbooks are made by people like you who have been following this lifestyle for years. This ensures that all the recipes included are proper with the diet and uses products without hidden carbs.

There are tons of cookbooks varieties as well. Some are made for those who like to use slow cookers daily and others are created for fast recipes. Having all of those recipes conveniently in one book can help a lot on those days where you have a specific taste.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Keto Cookbook?

There are so many different varieties of keto cookbooks that it can be hard to choose only one most times. That is what is so great about having so many available on the market. If you are someone who is not very big on cooking every day, then look for a cookbook that focuses more on recipes that create larger portions, so you can eat them throughout the week. Or if you are someone who loves to experiment look into cookbooks with unique recipes.

There are just a few recommendations when looking for your perfect keto book

Variety- This is vital as you want a cookbook that gives you many different choices. If, for example, a cookbook is only about chicken recipes, you still want to make sure every recipe is different and not only variations of fried chicken.

Difficulty-Are the recipes included for beginners or for those more experienced with cooking? If you are just starting out it would be best to look into cookbooks that are simpler in recipe structure and require only a few ingredients.

Cooking style-Like the slow cooker mentioned before, what tools are used to cook these recipes? Make sure to find a keto cookbook that fits your cooking style. Or look for one that provides many different ways of cooking if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Keto Cookbooks On The Market Today

In this section we will be discussing which cookbooks are the most recommended for those following the keto lifestyle. These cookbooks all have great attributes and some downfalls but would be a great start for those looking to increase their keto recipe library. These are in order from the top recommended to the least.

Top 5 Keto Cookbooks

Bacon & Butter - TOP PICK
Ketosis Cookbook
Simply Keto
The Keto Diet
Keto Made Easy

① Bacon & Butter – The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

This cookbook is great for those who are just beginning the ketogenic diet and need a thorough guide on what to eat and how to make it. There are 148 recipes specifically tailored to the ketogenic diet, all created to be as simple to follow as possible.


  • Variety of simple delicious recipes
  • Explains what foods to avoid and how to handle cravings
  • Free digital copy from the website
  • Beginner friendly


  • Shipping and handling not included with the free copy

With a variety of great recipes and good information on the background of the ketogenic diet, this is perfect for those interested or starting the keto diet. It has 148 recipes for you to choose from, all using 100% keto friendly ingredients. This would be the best place to start as you can get a free copy as well! The only downside is the free copy does not cover shipping and handling, which you would have to pay. There is always the option to purchase the Kindle version a few dollars as well.

② Ketosis Cookbook

Keto diet book

The Ketosis cookbook is filled with great keto recipes that will help you enter into ketosis easily. The recipes included in this cookbook are created with the intentions of you developing ketones as quick as possible, all while still tasting delicious and healthy for your body.


  • 370 recipes to choose from
  • Keto nutritional information
  • Meal plans included
  • 4 Bonus books for free


  • Not budget friendly
  • Expensive

This cookbook provides 370 simple recipes to help jumpstart your keto lifestyle. It even includes meal plans for those just starting out for ease into the process. One of the biggest downsides is the price. It can be pretty expensive for those who are on a budget and can’t afford to spend fifty dollars for this cookbook. It is important to consider that this set does include many goodies that can justify the price.

③ Simply Keto

Ketogenic diet book

This is a great motivational cookbook for those who are struggling with the challenge of eliminating carbs and entering into ketosis. The author has personally undergone a dramatic change by following this lifestyle and provides tips throughout the cookbook for known challenges when starting keto. This book contains 100 simple keto based recipes, along with shopping tips and a meal plan.


  • Motivational story
  • 30-day meal plan included
  • Variety of unique recipes
  • Microwavable recipes


  • Can be a bit wordy for some

This cookbook has certainly made its mark in the ketogenic world for its inspirational story and great recipes. If you are looking for a pick me up after the challenge of starting the keto diet, then this cookbook could work for you. It also includes microwavable recipes for those too busy to cook daily. The only downside is the book can seem wordy at times for some, but most who read it really enjoy the author’s story.

④ The Keto Diet

Best ketogenic diet book

The Keto Diet is not about the one size fits all mentality that many have when approaching the ketogenic diet. This cookbook was made to fit the unique needs of all individuals, will also provide the tools to empower those struggling with the Keto Diet. All recipes use keto friendly ingredients and are simple to follow. There are also five 28-day meal plans included along with this book.


  • 125 recipes to choose from
  • Five 28-day meal plans for beginners
  • Focuses on learning how to accept fat into your diet


  • Some recipes are not as beginner friendly as others
  • Recipes can be basic for some

This cookbook is certainly one to keep an eye on when starting the ketogenic diet. It has many recipes that teach your body how to run on fat and promotes intuitive eating. The main downside is the recipes can be a bit complicated at times when including dairy products.  There are times when the recipes can seem a little plain as well.

⑤ Keto Made Easy

Best keto cookbook

This book was created to teach those following the Keto diet that all meals can still be satisfying even without the carbs included. There are recipes for low carb bread, curry, and much more. Plenty of pictures are included as well for those who like seeing what they are making.


  • Lots of pictures included
  • Variety of recipes
  • Videos on YouTube of recipes being made


  • Recipes can be too simple
  • Some of the recipes are not keto friendly

With a variety of different recipes to choose from, this book can help jumpstart your ketogenic diet journey. The recipes included are for your common everyday meals, which is amazing when having to let go of those foods you love. The main downside is the recipes can be a bit simple for those looking for something new, and some recipes are not as keto friendly as others.

Conclusion & What is the Best Keto Cookbook

There are many different types of keto cookbooks on the market today to fit your specific needs. This is great for beginners just beginning their keto journey. It is recommended to be careful in choosing the correct keto cookbook to use and try out as many as possible to find the best ones for you.

Even though all of the cookbooks on this list would provide a great start for those beginning the ketogenic diet, it is recommended to start with Bacon & Butter – The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) first as this cookbook is free after you pay shipping and handling, which is a great deal. It explains the background of the ketogenic diet and how to properly start, while also listing foods you would need to avoid in order to maintain ketosis. Not to mention the recipes are well written and all the ingredients are keto friendly.

Your body will thank you once you take the steps to make your ketogenic journey much better by investing in a cookbook. You won’t even miss the carbs once you learn all the unique ways to eat your favorite meals while still being healthy.



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