Best Gluten-Free Whey Protein Powder – Top Brands for 2018

Protein powder is a great way to add an extra boost to your drink or smoothie. Most people use them for aiding in weight loss and bodybuilding programs. When added to a juice or water, these powders can provide much-needed nutrients to fuel your body. They also come in a variety of different flavors for personalized taste.

But this can lead to confusion as there are so many different protein powder supplements available on the market. This can especially become complicated for those with a special need in their diet, such as those who follow the gluten-free diet.

Even though most protein powders on the market use milk to provide a majority of the nutrients in the powder, some can rely on gluten instead. This can cause an inflammatory response that will greatly affect those with gluten sensitivity. It can also pose a risk to causing gluten cross-contamination due to the processed nature of protein powder. So, what exactly is gluten and how can you find the Best Gluten Free Whey Protein Powder?

Top 5 Gluten Free Whey Protein Powders

ONNIT Grass-Fed Whey Protein - TOP PICK
Transparent Labs Whey Protein
NAKED Whey Protein Powder
Natural Force Whey Protein
TGS Gluten-Free Whey Protein

Gluten is a protein that can be found in grains, barley, wheat, and rye-based foods. For those with Celiac Disease, this can cause an inflammatory response due to the irritant being present in something that is consumed. For those with gluten sensitivity, it is vital to research all protein powders thoroughly to make sure that the base is milk instead of gluten.

Whey powder gluten free

Types of Protein Powders

Hundreds of powders exist on the market, but most are created similarly. There are three different types of protein used to create most protein powders available for purchase. These include:

  • Protein concentrates: This is a concentrated form of protein. This is commonly used in protein powders that are whey based, and is a common ingredient due to its inexpensive nature
  • Protein hydrolysates: These are broken down proteins that form into component amino acids. Since it is easier to absorb into the body, professional athletes are more likely to use them to aid in their workout performance. It is common for protein concentrates and protein hydrolysates to be found in the same protein mixture.
  • Protein isolate: The purer highly processed form of protein in comparison to the other two. It is nearly complete protein content, which is great for those looking to incorporate pure protein into their diet. This ingredient is also found commonly in protein powders, sometimes mixed with the other two types of proteins.

Why Gluten Can Be Including in Protein Powders

Whey protein concentrate gluten free

Gluten can sometimes be used as a thickening substance for texture improvement in protein powders. Even though whey is typically thick enough on its own for a protein powder mixture, sometimes the whey can become overly processed causing a loss in the consistency of the powder. Adding gluten is an easy fix for those manufacturers that may process their protein powder more but still want the same texture as using whey powder for thickener. Also, using gluten can increase the amount of protein in the product which is a bonus for the creators.

This can also happen when whey is made from a less than desirable source or is consistently mishandled through the processing. The amino acid in the whey will suffer, causing an even more inferior product to form. This is why some companies will add gluten in order to restore some of the nutritional value lost during processing.

Protein Powders To Avoid

With the many different protein powders on the market and some confusing ingredient names, it can be difficult to make sure gluten is not included in the product. In this section, we will talk about what to look for in order to avoid accidental gluten consumption.

Some protein powders will include an ingredient call glutamine, which is not the same thing as gluten. Though it sounds very similar, glutamine is an amino acid that our body needs for daily functions. It does not contain any protein from wheat, barley, or rye so there is no need to avoid this ingredient in protein powders.

Some of the most popular brands on the market are unreliable for those who are trying to avoid gluten in their diet. They are:

  • Optimum Gold Standard: This brand does not use any specific gluten products in their mixture, but since they do not test for any gluten there is a possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Garden of Life Meal Replacement: Even though this protein powder is advertised as being gluten-free, it does contain gluten dense ingredients such as barley grass and wheat grass.
  • Amazing Grass Plant Protein: Like the previous protein powder, this is advertised as being safe for those with gluten sensitivity but contain wheat and barley grass as ingredients.

There is also an ingredient called maltodextrin that is sometimes used as a sweetener in protein powders. Sometimes there can be confusion about this ingredient since it is sometimes made from wheat, but this ingredient is typically made from corn, rice, or potatoes, not wheat. Its highly processed nature also lowers the amount of gluten that can be present in the powder, thus making the gluten content to low to affect anyone negatively. Of course, for those who are very sensitive to gluten should avoid this ingredient just to be sure.

How To Find The Perfect Gluten Free Protein Powder

Finding the perfect gluten free powder is extremely important for those who have celiac disease or gluten insensitivity. Gluten can be hidden in the most unexpected places at times, which means there is a need to be very careful when going through all of the available options. So how exactly do you start looking for powder that will work with your way of living?

The first step is to pick a source of protein that is free of any form of gluten and other ingredients that your body reacts negatively to. Since most protein powders, whey through rice, are typically milk based, then they will most likely be gluten free. Still, you should be aware of the ingredients in all protein powders considered, especially if you have other food sensitivities that you have to consider.

You also what to ensure that the protein you choose is GMO free. This is necessary to discourage any more irritants from entering your system and causing trouble. The last step is to check the label thoroughly and make sure no ingredients included in the protein power contain wheat, barely, or rye. If there is an ingredient you are not sure of, be sure to look at research online.

It is best recommended to try and find a protein powder that has only your chosen source of protein as the ingredient. This way there is not questioning whether the protein mixture will affect you negatively or not.

Top 5 Gluten Free Whey Protein Powders

ONNIT Grass-Fed Whey Protein - TOP PICK
Transparent Labs Whey Protein
NAKED Whey Protein Powder
Natural Force Whey Protein
TGS Gluten-Free Whey Protein

ONNIT Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

Best gluten free whey protein powder

This powder uses the purest form of whey available on the market. Since this powder incorporates whey isolate instead of whey concentrate, the fats and carbs presented in the milk base are filtered out, leaving more protein to help build muscle and change your body. This also helps get rid of any excess sugar or calories.


  • Whey isolate
  • Supports muscle gain
  • Healthy high-quality ingredients
  • High protein per serving


  • Flavors are limited

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This is perfect for anyone starting a workout regimen or looking to include more protein in their diet as quickly as possible. The base of whey isolate is great due to the fact that the muscles can absorb the protein much faster, causing faster recovery times.

Transparent Labs Whey Protein

Gluten free whey protein powder

This is a healthy and less processed protein powder based with milk and not gluten. Each serving contains grams of protein, which is perfect for those looking to build muscle. Comes in the flavors salted caramel, French vanilla, and chocolate, so it has some variety for everyone.


  • Taste
  • Grass Fed
  • Milk-based


  • Limited flavors
  • A bit more expensive than other options

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If you are looking for a whey concentrate that is gluten-free to add to your daily regime, this protein powder is definitely a strong contender. It is made with grass-fed materials and has high nutritional content. The main downside is the price, as it can be a bit more expensive for those looking for protein powder on a limited budget.

NAKED Whey Protein Powder Supplement

Whey gluten free

This protein powder is also based in milk so no worry about gluten being included. It uses no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, so this would be nice for someone who would perfect flavorless protein powder. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein, so you are certainly getting a nice chunk of protein without the high calorie count. It is GMO-free, soy free, and growth hormone free.


  • Flavorless
  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • Only ingredient is protein


  • Expensive
  • Taste can be difficult to get used to

Certainly, a great option for bodybuilders, this protein mix is pure protein with no added flavorings or sweeteners. It has high protein content per serving and is made with whey that absorbs easily into muscles for fast recovery. It is a bit expensive for most and can have a taste that is harder to get used to since it is unflavored.

Natural Force Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein gluten free

Only four ingredients are included in this protein mix, and none of them contain any gluten substance. There are three flavor options to choose from; Cacao Bean, Vanilla Bean, and Coffee Bean. Each serving is 20 grams of whey protein per scoop. It is also GMO free.


  • 30 money back guarantees
  • inexpensive
  • 4 ingredients


  • Can be difficult to mix
  • Taste

This is nice for those who are more limited in income and want all the great benefits of gluten free whey powder without the extra cost. With only 4 ingredients, this protein powder is great for health improvement and workout sessions. It can be a bit difficult to mix and the taste may not be for everyone depending on the flavor.

 TGS Gluten Free Whey Protein

Gluten free whey protein

A whey powder concentrate powder that is gluten, soy, and GMO free. The mixture has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or fillings. Does not use any added sugar to sweeten the mix, so great for those watching their carb intake. This powder contains 25 grams of protein per serving, which is great for those who are working out intensely.


  • Inexpensive
  • Low carb
  • 25 grams of protein per serving


  • Taste can be intense on an individual basis
  • Packaging can be an issue at times

If you are looking for a flavorless protein powder with high protein content per serving, this can be a great option for you. No gluten, GMOs, or artificial ingredients were used to create this powder.  This powder can be used as a replacement meal or post recovery drink. As with all protein powders, taste is determined on an individual basis and the taste of this powder can be too intense for some.

Conclusion & What is the Best Gluten Free Whey Protein

Protein powders offer a great way to maintain your nutrition and health while going about your busy day. Thankfully, most protein powders in modern times do not contain gluten products, but sometimes there can be wheat snuck in unexpectedly which can cause problems for those with gluten sensitivity. This is why it is important to always check the ingredients and make sure that there are no gluten products included in the mixture, even on powders specifically advertised to be gluten-free. And you should always weigh your options and find the protein that will work the best for your goals and fitness.

If you need a gluten-free powder you can trust and do not want to look around for the perfect one, it is highly recommended that you try ONNIT Whey Protein Powder (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE – use coupon code DRENCH10 to get 10% off). This powder comes in many different flavors and has all-natural ingredients that can be great to increase your health. It also is 100% gluten-free and milked based, so all the nutrients are there. It also contains 20 grams of protein per serving, which would benefit those interested in using the protein for exercise.



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