About Me

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me..... i haVe nO spEciAl tAlEnts, i am jUst paSsiOnatEly cUriOus. 
kindof a free spirit. i would rather spend my fridays with close friends, a few beers and a good movie. i live for movies nights and football Sundays. my family and friends come first. my friends are my family. love my girls♥.
i have always believed that there is no beginning or end to anything...life is all about the journey. i laugh at dumb jokes. i live in tee's & sweats. nothing beats a hot summer day and a grape popsicle. i dont have a favorite color. my hair will nEvEr be perfect. i get obsessed with and know all movies quotes... sad i know. 

barefoot is the way to go.
i stress over the silliest stuff. country bumpkin. i have to eat sitting indian style, it's a thing. i like summertime, blueberry yogert, pictures, pit bulls and pugs. quotes describe moments, feelings and dreams the best. total beer broad. I have become obsessed with cooking and my blog. too fun! 
outgoing and smiley. everything is cute.
I am always myself...its not always pretty, but it's me.  :)
Paul is the love of my life!
{What a hottie}
We love the lake in the summer...
 and in the winter!
We love to go camping and try to go at least once every year.
My puppies are the reason I rush home every day, they are the cutest little girls in the world and my first choice cuddle buddies any day of the week.
They love to go hiking!
My new hobby... it's a BLAST {haha}
Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and what would Christmas be without a trip into NYC {The Big Apple}.
My husby is in the Army and one of the sexiest soldiers at that.
He is my true American Hero and I am so proud to be his wife!!!
My mother and I define the phrase... "Like Mother, Like Daughter" 
She is my best friend.
I am known at work as '27 Dresses'... I guess 11 weddings in a year gets you this title. {we're great partiers}
We're huge football fans. This was at the Jets game on 9l11 {10 year Anniversary}! 
We got the Win baby!

Most recently.... WE GOT MARRIED!!!!
.... and there are a million other boringly silly things about me but I will save that for another time!

xoxo, Laura