Food Rules

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To me, healthy means to live as the best version of yourself. Clean and happy.

I have been 'skinny' most of my life but somehow after college I started to get, ask I call it, squishier. Now I am sure all this had to do with the fact that I always ate whatever I wanted and never gained a pound but then over time I started to drop out of softball, dancing and then tennis and traded my physical activities in for watching Sunday football with a few beers on the couch. Bad move. Fun, but bad move.

Clearly things needed to change.

As my mother will tell us, and we joke and poke fun at her right back, that my brother and I were very healthy kids. We were active, bairly sick and ate lots and lots of chicken. Almost too much chicken.

We had chicken practically every night, and cooked it every way possible. The joke has always been that neither my brother or I will eat chicken anymore because of how much we ate as kids.
In turn, my mother fires back almost immediatly with "You're healthy, I did good"!

We have become so accustom to the 'family style' type meals that we forget how small we really are. Do you really think just because your given a whole pound of pasta as your meal that you should eat it all????

Paul and I love a restaurant around the corner from our house because they are an old mom and pop shop kinda place that serves massive family style portions... however we are smart enough to know that we could never eat it all ourselves.
We order one appetizer and one main course which comes with a salad and a loaf of bread {seriously}, and all this food is actually given to you in a grocery sized paper bag with's that big! We split an app, make another salad so we each have our own, the bread goes right in the garbage and we split the dinner.
Smart choices and right portions.

What is ok to eat?
Well, what should you eat? Food! 
A lot of people look at my blog and think that I am probably not that healthy when in reality, I am an extremely healthy eater.
I eat food, real food... you know, the kind of food that comes from the ground and not from inside a man-made factory.

I do have desserts and treats on my blog but you don't see them posted everyday... and what you also don't see is that most of the time when I am making and baking these naughty delicious treats {that I go wild over when I am cooking} is that it's for a crowd or a party that I am bringing to share with others. I mean, could I eat a whole batch of cookies, yes... would I be sick to my stomach and gain 1000 pounds, yes! 
Plus as I stated before, when I make a batch of cookies I'll have one. {remember: portion control}

Laura's Food Rules:

Go to farmers markets.
Drinks lots and lots of water.
More plants and veggies, less meats and dairy's.
Always eat breakfast - it's THAT important.
Sugar is still sugar, use raw or stevia and use sparingly.
Whole grain or NO grain. 
A glass of wine with dinner never hurt anyone! In fact, it's good for you.
Eat like a caveman. Food = engery to live.
Cheat days save your sanity.
Make it yourself- Healthier, cleaner and more fresh tasting.
Take a cue from a baby, when your full... you're done.
Plant and grow your own veggies.

I took a cue from these Food Rules: Author of The Omnivore's Delemma and a brilliant man, Michael Pollan wrote another book titled FOOD RULES: An Eaters Manual, to which I find the most fabulous ways to honestly view how to eat your food. He walks you through how simple eating can be without diets, pills or programs but with his 64 straightforward rules to eating smart and eating food. 

This book, including others he has written, are truely what makes sense to me in my life. Food has been around for centuries and centuries so why only now have we messed with it and are now as a culture becoming nationally overweight an obese.

Get back to the basics and eat food.

My Summary of Michael Pollan's Food Rules...
If your grandmother wouldn't recognize it... it's not food.
If it's not stocked normally in your own pantry, it's not food.
If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, dont.
If it's pronounced the same way in every language... it's not food. 
Eat food that eventually rots. 
If you can't picture it in it's natural state... it's not food.
Stand on one leg, is better than stand on two, which is better than stands on four. {mushroom: foul: mammals}
NEVER eat fake/proccessed sugar. Never!

You will feel better, think clearer, have more energy and overall be healthier. Follow any and all of these rules and your body and your mind with thank you.