5 Creative Body Weight Exercises for Every Person

If you are a frequent visitor to the gym, you must have heard about the term body weight exercises. Ask your trainer about such workouts and you will get a long list of body weight workouts. Listening to the list may seem to be quite boring. Some of the most common form of body weight workouts are planks, lunges, squats, and push-ups. In this fast paced world, most of you probably seldom get enough time to visit the gym. In such situations, performing workouts at home is always preferable. It is true that performing the same set of workouts every day may tend to be quite monotonous. It is better to bring some changes to your daily routine to make your workouts interesting.

5 Interesting Body Weight Exercises

As discussed above, there are several types of body weight workouts done by people all across the world. However, 5 of the most creative ones are discussed below for your knowledge.

  1. Table-Top Bridge: This is one of the most creative versions of the hip bridge. This form of exercise involves most of your upper body and part of your shoulder extension. Movements involved in this form of workout are lift and bend, rotation, and pull.
  2. Side Plank Get Up: This form of exercise can be performed both on your hands and elbows. Although the elbow variation is much simpler on your arms, it can be a real challenge for your legs and core muscles. The simple reasons behind this fact is the involvement of your torso to move your leg in the right position. It also involves your leg strength and hip flexibility.
  3. Single Leg Flextension: Flextension is a term used to describe both extension and flexion. The slower the movement, the higher will be the coordination and balance combined. You may also tap the toes of your moving leg in order to gain more stability. It is good for you to know that performing this workout with better stability is always better than otherwise.
  4. Mountain Skater: This term is used to denote a combination of both Mountain Climber and Skater Top. While performing this exercise, make sure that your feet stay wide and are allowed to hang in the air rather than touching the ground. It is often seen that once the challenge rises, people tend to fall back in their default positions quickly.
  5. Dancing Squat: This is nothing when compared to the traditional squat. Although the standing and sitting stances will be the same, your legs will move in or out and forward or backward at the top of each repetition. It will seem as if you combine dance with your daily exercise routine.

If you are new to such innovative workouts, it is better to consult with a trainer and get properly trained on such exercises before you try them out on your own at home. This is simply because one wrong move may prove to be dangerous for your body, which is best avoided at all costs.



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