Find Out How to Maximize Efficiency of Workout Time

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will probably be more interested in gaining more in lesser time from your daily workouts. Many trainers, with age old thoughts, suggest to follow a specific group of exercises every day. However, there are many fitness trainers, with new age thoughts, who suggest to mix your workout routines in order to benefit the most. Exercises are usually categorized as those which target your upper body and those which target your lower body. It has been observed that if you mix the two types of exercises, you stand a good chance of getting the most out of your daily workout routine.

Ideas to Maximize Efficiency of Your Workout Time

When it comes to boosting your efficiency from your daily exercise routine, there is just one simple rule. It is to do something or the other with your workout time. If you are a regular to the local gym, you must have noticed that people tend to take a short break in between their different exercises to catch their breath. Although this is a good idea to help you muscles relax a bit, it also means that you waste your workout time by relaxing. There is a simple alternative to taking short breaks. If you perform a set of exercises to target your upper body and wish to take a break in order to rest the muscles in your upper torso, you can simply switch to another type of exercise, which targets your lower body. This will help you rest your upper body and also workout your lower body at the same time.

Types of Exercises Which Can Be Performed As Alternatives

If you wish to involve different types of exercises, which complement each other and can be used as alternatives, there are several examples for you. For your upper body you can do pull-ups and overhead shoulder press. These help to boost your level of strength. At the same time, you can perform calf self-massage and lateral band walks, which target your lower body and help in improving your mobility and coordination.

As a second set of examples, you can perform skater top and hamstring hammock, both of which target your lower body. These help to boost your balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, and power. As an alternative you may try seated cable row, which has a good effect on your upper body. It boost your level of strength.

The last example would include workouts which target your entire body and lower torso. For the entire body it is good to try creative jumping jacks and reaction ball catches. These help to boost endurance, agility, coordination, and reactivity. On the other hand, you may try hip hinge with joint distraction and dynamic balance. These target your lower body and help to balance, mobility, and coordination. It has also been seen that combining two different types of workouts can be both entertaining and useful. It will keep you more interested and also gain the most out of your daily workout schedule.



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